Business Law 001 Writing Assignment I, Legal Issue Spotting (Torts) and Factual Analysis

Pltranquility unravel the behindcited relatively truth scenario:   Josephine and Tina are twain law wards at National Law School.  They are exceedingly competitive and they twain aim to be the top graduate in their assort.  Only one of them can win this grandeur.  They ponder themselves "frenemies."   As they con-over for their upcoming torts exam, they mark their educator, Professor Alvarez, in her duty and ask if she could pfoster any attached con-over direct.  Professor Alvarez says that she authored a new subordinate con-over direct that was of-late published and that the direct would be a monstrous aid.  Tina leaves the duty but Josephine stays a bit desireer-- desire plenty for Professor Alvarez to declaration, "the publisher sent me so divers extra copies of the direct that I possess to ammunition them on my end vestibule."   Josephine and Tina go online and ferret-out that the direct magnitude get not be serviceable to the notorious for another month.  They specific loss behind a timeliness each other. At nightfall, Josephine goes to Professor Alvarez’s branch, walks onto the endyard and approaches the end vestibule but does not see the direct magnitudes.  She appears environing and then sees a stack of con-over direct magnitudes on the notorious sidewalk in aspect of Professor Alvarez’s branch.  She obtain?}s one of the con-over directs.     The exam was unfeeling.  Behind the exam, Professor Alvarez sees Josephine in the hallway tenure a observation of the con-over direct.  She says, "I'm so gratified you build the con-over direct on our sidewalk.  My mate has been nagging me to ascertain a attribute for them, so he stacked them on the sidewalk for me to impeach them into my car and obtain?} them to my duty.  When I saw you supervene onto my estate and appear for one on the end vestibule, I giggled to myself, noting what a resourceful ward you are."   Tina sees this interaction among Josephine and the Professor and Tina is covetous that Josephine reckoningd a observation of the con-over direct. After the exam, divers of the wards go to the topical bar to puff.  Tina did not feel enjoy celebrating, and she does not drink-- in truth, she is the moderator of the Students Despite Drunk Driving club.  She went to the bar nonetheless, appearing for Josephine.   Tina approaches Josephine in the bar, puts her fist in Josephine's aspect and says, "if you reckoning ameliorate than me on the exam, you may not be environing to likeness your aspect at instruct eternally anew."  Believing she was encircling to be harmed, Josephine pummelped Tina in the aspect.  Tina, who now has a pound on her aspect, ends off.  Josephine and a assemblage of friends foster their beers in solemnization.  Unbeknownst to Josephine, Tina snapped a photo of Josephine drinking a beer.    Tina operates a Facemagnitude page for the Students Despite Drunk Driving ward assemblage.  She supports the photo of Josephine on the page behind a timeliness the caption, "Josephine is a partier who causes drinking and driving clothings."   She tags Josephine and all wards at the law instruct, who are all notified by Facemagnitude of the support. Josephine is castdown.  Under the collision that she causes drinking and driving clothings, the wards at instruct avoid her.  Further, the law robust she adapted to performance for behind precedency notified her that it was rescinding (preamble end) the job volunteer as a outcome of representation the Facemagnitude support.   Josephine suffers from affecting worry. She has not eaten in days.  She drives to see Wendy, her therapist, for an equableing ordinance.  Frazzled, she clothingally hits a inconsiderable pole in aspect of Wendy's duty timeliness involved to field.  The collision causes an contiguous capacity outage in Wendy's duty.  The other patients uncertainty in Wendy's duty are startled by the rash blackout.  One patient-- a 90-year-old woman denominated Lydia--suffers a thoughtful hardihood onset.      Having seen the Facemagnitude support and splendid this clothing was the outcome of Josephine's drinking and driving, Wendy locks Josephine in the duty closet for 3 hours until the police get.   Assignment: Pltranquility true your apologys to the doubts underneath on a typewritten muniment.  Involve your designate and way individuality reckon printed at the top of the highest page.  If there is over than one page, you must stock the pages contemporaneously.  There is no page insufficiency or ultimatum.  Your apologys should be well-organized and unconcerned to supervene. The relatively truth scenario fosters immanent tort law titles picturesque in chapters 5 and 6 of our way textbook.  Pltranquility demonstrate any torts in the scenario that possess been, or may possess been committed, and stipulate the notification requested underneath for EACH immanent tort.  For your regard and stance, I involve type retorts for the title of battery.  Pltranquility DO NOT involve a battery title in your apology; you get assent-to no objects for doing so. Be unmistakable to retort the five doubts for EACH immanent tort you demonstrate, equable if it may feel repetitive.  You do not demand to transcribe a truth or essay in apology to each doubt, true stipulate the compulsory retort for each doubt and shape it disencumbered which doubt you are retorting for each tort you demonstrate.  For tranquility of construction, I pfoster behindcited the arrangeat I stipulate for each tort. This assignment is price up to 25 objects.  Each tort signed is price up to 7 objects.  It is to your utility to demonstrate as divers tort titles as immanent, although the ultimatum reckon of objects serviceable is 25. 1.  Demonstrate the tort or immanent tort title.  Example:  battery 2.  Describe the requisite elements of the tort or immanent tort title.  These elements are stipulated by law.  It is not compulsory in apology to this doubt to declaration any of the truths of our relatively contingency (you get do so in doubts #3-5 underneath) (1 object per tort) Example:  a.  the accused hurtfully or offensively made visible contiguity behind a timeliness the accuser     b.  the visible contiguity was intentionally committed 3.  Demonstrate the applicable truths for the support-- in other suffrage what truths direct you to love that a tort title exists or capacity exist. (2 objects per tort) Example:  Josephine made hurtful visible contiguity to Tina-- she pummelped Tina and the collision left a pound.  Josephine planned the contiguity-- it was not an clothing.      4.  Evaluate the force and weaknesses of the tort title or immanent tort title, including any proportionedifications that could be fosterd.  Is it over enjoyly for the accuser to bear the title to predominate?  Or is it over enjoyly for the accused defending anewst the tort title to predominate?  Argue your contingency.  (3 objects per tort)   Example:  It seems over enjoyly for the accused to predominate.  Tina made an foul artisan gesture at Josephine, enjoyly giving her the collision that she could be punched at any importance.  Tina as-well made and a thoughtful intimidation-- a intimidation that involved that Tina could immolate Josephine.  At the importance, Josephine fortified herself by pummelping Tina.  Self-justification is a proportionedification to the title of battery.  The arrange of self-justification occupied by Josephine was over than self-possessed and compulsory ardent the thoughtfulness of Tina's gesture and intimidation.    5.  Splendid the accuser (the policy bearing the title) predominates, what damages capacity the accuser resume?  (1 object per tort) Tina, the accuser, would be entitled to compensatory damages to shape her gross as if the tort neternally occurred.  It seems undisencumbered if the pummel required Tina to run medical bills.  If it was true a pound, it seems obscure.  If the pound was raw, Tina may resume some wages for her refusal and asceticism.