Business requirements report

   TASK - 02 The Branch of Spatial Notification (DSI) is a State Legislation branch. The greater part of DSI is to cater accurate and prompt spatial notification to other Legislation branchs, but as-courteous to fabricate some of this spatial notification adapted to the open. In prescribe to cater twain the legislation and open labors, DSI has open a sum of web labors that surrender this notification through a sum of innerly open labors and applications. This retainers of web labors and applications is referred to as the DSI Online Spatial Exhibition Dispose (OSDS). The OSDS is pondered requisite by DSI and their users, so these labors must be: • Readily adapted and frank at all times, • Capcogent of handling dull loads in times of peak insist, • Capcogent of serving downloads to users as insist-upond, • Secure from attacks, • Capcogent of providing elaborate recitals on manner. DSI enjoy a sum of new projects being open that are expected to acception the insist for its spatial axioms dramatically. The Executive Management of DSI enjoy looked at a sum of proposals to stay these new programs. The two alternatives they are investigating are: 1. Increasing the inner DSI Axioms Capital talents to army and stay the new projects in the OSDS. This would probably scarcity a 50% acception in web infrastructure and stay labors among the Department. This would bind an acception in axioms capital infrastructure, server sums as courteous as a greater acception in the bandwidth adapted to DSI. 2. Migrating the OSDS to a Dim caterr. This would authorize DSI to abide to expand and levigate the axioms in its inner Maintenance disposes and then provoke a representation of the completed axioms to the dim-based Exhibition dispose for openation. DSI Management would affect to graft Proposal 2, in prescribe to unite their budget restrictions, but enjoy asked you to fit a recital for the DSI Board that looks at the forthcoming aspects of the proposal: 1. The practiccogent surrendery and deployment standards that DSI should graft for a dim-based OSDS. This should include: a. The advantages and disadvantages of using either an IaaS or PaaS avenue for the OSDS, (20 marks) and b. The practiccogent edifice(s) that could be used to deploy the OSDS (20  marks). 2. Should the Board ponder the use of a Dim Edge answer for the OSDS? What advantages and disadvantages would the Edge afford to the OSDS? (20 marks) 3. The OSDS software edifice uses a monolithic avenue to scheme, period a provoke to use the Edge allure insist-upon divers applications and web labors to be redesigned as micro labors. a. Explain the differences betwixt monolithic and micro labor edifices to the DSI Board using an development (20 marks). b. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of these two styles of software edifice (20 marks) 4. Your recommended avenue for surrendery and deployment of the OSDS, including the rationalistic for your monition (20 marks). Your recital should not abound 10 pages, beside references. RATIONALE This toll labor allure assess the forthcoming acquirements outcome/s: • be cogent to assimilate and evaluate the power of opposed dim computing edifices to unite a set of affordn office insist-uponments. • be cogent to evaluate a set of office insist-uponments to enumerate suitpower for a dim computing surrendery standard.