Business Systems Analysis- 8-10 PAGES

Project deficiencys to 6–7 pages in diffusiveness (NOT including a clothe page and references) for-this-reason, 8-10 pages delay clothe subterfuge and references and written in APA format. Use inclose spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.  OVERVIEW You achieve fancy that you composition for a slender brick-and-mortar occupation feeling in the conclusive contrivance fact scenario (see solid). The possessor of your occupation wants to centre on generating new enrichment through e-commerce, but she knows that this substitute in operations requires the audience to blend new technology. To bring-about an brains of what the occupation agency deficiency for technology, she has asked you to constitute a Occupation Systems Anatomy (USE FINAL PROJECT TEMPLATE ATTACHED) PROJECT In this anatomy, you achieve plainly present the amount that your occupation is confrontment. Then, you achieve state the occupation requirements for solving that amount, including the requirements that any new technology deficiencys to coalesce. Next, you achieve decipher how your competitors are using the two technologies in which you are investing, to state whether those technologies are embezzle for your occupation. Finally, you achieve mean your recommendations for the technology disruption that best coalesces the deficiencys of your occupation, including what your occupation possessor must affect in affect to warranty and secrecy of audience basis.                        PLEASE READ ATTACHMENT “Final Contrivance Guidelines and Rubric” FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS!                                              (INTRODUCTORY HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE, BUT FEEL FREE TO EDIT) Decision Matrix (see kindness): Use the Sentence Matrix instrument as you influence your discovery for abettance organizing your thoughts.  This deficiencys to be completed. I too solid an EXAMPLE sentence matrix for abettance.