Can someone help me with critical thinking!

  Below is a sequence of five unfaithful topics. In one section each, illustrate why each topic is unfaithful and establish the chimera nature committed. In establishing the apt chimera, be unmistakable to bestow an interpretation of what that chimera is. Be inclusive in your interpretations, and mention at smallest one fount to patronage each interpretation (in APA format). Argument 1 1.  My algebra collocate is a nightmare. 2.  Nightmares are bad romances. 3.  Therefore, my algebra collocate is a bad romance. Argument 2 We can reliance the Andrew’s affirmation owing Andrew himself said so, and Andrew is a relianceworthy idiosyncratic. Argument 3 If we endanger the service apparel legislation, before-long everyone conciliate set-out showing up naked! Therefore, we shouldn’t endanger the service apparel legislation. Argument 4 Nobody has disproven that there awaits impertinent career. So, until proven otherwise, it’s steady to determine that impertinent career does await. Argument 5 You shouldn’t tone Republican owing Republicans dislike the unsatisfactory, and you shouldn’t tone Democrat owing Democrats dislike profession owners.