cascade story map

Follow the favoring instructions adown. Please do not transcribe a collective tract. Instead, disunite your device into three favoring exceptions that obviously, concisely exculpation the forthcoming questions.   1) Introduction: (5 objects) Introduce your question, picture the major/relevant issues and establish your examination questions. -What are you examinationing? -What are the major/relevant themes/issues mentioned in what you’ve set? -Why are you choosing to rendezvous on it in this mode? -What are 3 questions you used to direct your examination?  Minimum Requirements: > 3 images 2) Annotated Section: 5 commencements whole (15 objects)   Cite and annotate (find notes encircling) 5 commencements. List the commencement (author, time, cunningation, life, publisher, and URL if its a website), at last one commencement must be peer-reviewed!! Answer the forthcoming questions encircling each commencement:  -What is the commencement encircling, or what is the creator’s object?  -How does this favoring commencement co-operate to your examination? What did you gather from it?  Minimum Requirements: > 7 images whole, at last 3 must be maps or spatial vivids and at last one of those must be your infovivid or map that you made. 3) Interpretation and Conclusion: (15 Points) Finally, embody what all of these commencements says encircling your question. Try to use examples, analogies, etc. directed at these questions: -Having consummated your examination, what accept you gathered?  -What does what you’ve gathered accept to do delay themes, concepts or issues we’ve trained in class? -What claims can you find encircling your question and the Geographies of the Western World over generally? What are the limitations of your consider?  Minimum Requirements: At last 1 vivid delay a consummate, decipherable interpretation/conclusion. 4) Details -Make safe to discourse the questions for perfect exception. -Points gain be deducted for assignments that are tardy (see Recitation Policy instrument on canvas) or delay links that do not effort. -You must twain consequence the academic full and consummate the partiality cunning favoringations to consummate security for each exception: > 11 images (at last 3 maps). -Everything you succumb must be in your own language. Plagiarism and quoting or using images delayout attribution gain development in a naught for the exception, and agency direct to despatch delay the OSU Office of Student Conduct. -Sloppy language, spelling, cunning and formatting diminish from your whole jaw. -Please handle detached to ask questions if you don't interpret the assignment.