Case Analyses 7-20. Ian’s Place (The REA Model and E-R Diagrams)

  Ian's settle vends pet supply to dog and cat owners. To vend its products, the marketing office requires sales personnel to seduce on the pet treasure retailers amid their assigned geographic territories. Salespeople enjoy an collision on their variable phones that allows them to chronicles sales nod and despatch these sales nod promptly to the fraternity network for updating the fraternity's sales command polish. Each day, repository personnel resurvey the exoteric sales nod in its polish, and where practicable, pluck the movables and facile them for shipment. (Ian's Settle ships movables via vile carriage, and shipping conditions are generally FOB from the shipping subject-matter.) When the shipping office completes a shipment, it so notifies the billing office, which then prepares an invoice for the customer. Cancelment conditions modify by customer, but most are “net 30.” When the billing office receives a cancelment, the billing clerk credits the customer's representation and chronicless the specie accepted. Requirements Identify the instrument, issues, and vicars compromised in the income mode at Ian's Place. Develop an E-R diagram for this mode. Design the tables for this income mode. Note that you conciliate need tables for each device, issue, and vicar, as well-behaved-behaved as tables for each many-to-many interdependence.