Case Brief Constitutional Law

 Mary, a noble develop athlete, was covetous of her teammate, Jean. When Mary saw Jean hereafter out of a brewpub at 11:00 PM one night (during the conjuncture), she went to her coach and prisoner Jean of violating team administrations after a while consider to curfew and drinking alcoholic beverages. The coach had administrations for the team, including a 10:00 PM curfew during the conjuncture and a administration that if athletes were caught drinking, they would be drooping from the team for one (1) play for the leading wrong. Develop system required an inquiry to be held anteriorly any athlete was drooping. The coach ruled to mould an issue of Jean, who was not a starter, and drooping her for the tranquillity of the conjuncture – 10 plays - equable though this was Jean’s leading wrong. The coach did not guide an inquiry of Mary’s charges across Jean precedent to suspending her. Jean sued the coach and the develop bounds, seeking restitution to the team, claiming her due way hues had been violated. a) Discuss the circumstance after a while consider to the two [2] emblems of due way, substantial and procedural. b) Explain each emblem of due way entirely ample for me to determine that you interpret each one and then allot each one to these basis. c) Was Jean spoiled due way? d) If so, which one (or twain?)? e) Who wins the circumstance – Jean or the develop bounds? f) Why?  Files