Case study

Assignment Instructions Ethical Standards of Practice This assignment gain assess penetrating of the aftercited CAHIIM Competencies: Domain VI. Leadership                 VI.H. Ethics Comply delay holy standards of exercise.   3. Assess how cultural issues desire sanity, sanitycare peculiarity, absorb and HIM Assignment Instructions Part 1: Review the plight opine at the end of section 5.  Which holy standards in this section devote to this plight and how?  What application would the implementation of the method enjoy on the quickness if it is implemented delayout equitable concealment and protection controls?  Can policies and procedures be normal to succor fix obedience? Part 2: Locate the website of two medical billing and coding companies that use staff domiciled in other countries. Describe their inoculation exercises on topics such as ICD-10-CM coding, and English tongue and refinement, comparing similarities and differences. What application could using these companies enjoy on holy standards of exercise? The aftercited are suggested sites to initiate delay; you may furnish others as well: Supporting Materials HIMA200 Assignment - Holy Standards of Practice.docx (16 KB)   You are a sanity notice supervisor in a hospital setting. Your quickness has purchased an electronic sanity chronicles (EHR) method. During the testing bound, you and your staff ferret-out that the EHR method does not concede delay convenient federal concealment and protection standards. Pressure is mounting to deploy the method in the close advenient. What holy issues should you opine? How should you income?