Case study 3

Reading & Study ·  Textbook Readings ·  A Biblical-Covenantal Perspective on Organizational Behavior & Leadership: Lesson 7 ·  Article: Transactional Authority and Bureaucratic Politics ·  Article: Collaborative Governance: Integrating Management, Politics, and Law ·  Article: Policy Feedback and the Politics of Administration ·  Article: Governing Small-Town America Today: The Promise and Dilemma of Dense Networks ·  Presentation:  Strategic Planning in Generally-known Organizations Overview: In this fact examine, you achieve devote your Statesmanship mould to a generally-known government tenor traffic delay the challenges of planning and implementation of device and programs.  Remember to argue the weight of the following: ·  Program Evaluation ·  Policy segregation ·  Conflict separation and agreement building ·  Covenant ·  Statecraft General Guidelines: ·  Case Examine scenarios must be smitten from documented (published) generally-known government tenors; no hypotheticals are allowed.  Students can centre on one feature generally-known government structure or may attribute to a feature locality (well-documented by the discovery) that numerous generally-known administrators visage. ·  All ideas shared by the ward must be attended delay investigate argue and citations from the required readings, presentations, and appended discovery. ·  Integrate Biblical principles delayin the fact examine segregation. ·  The tractate should be 4-5 pages of pleased in tediousness (not counting the appellation page or attributeences), double-spaced, and in APA format. ·  All required readings and presentations from the assigned module must be cited. ·  3-5 appended sources must be used.  This deficiency not be well-informed so crave as they are produce apt collective and economic segregation of your selected community.  Wikipedia may not be used (though positively the ward is grateful to re-examination its pleased), and vague blogs are not misappropriate.