Case Study 7

  The California Dental Community (CDA) is a optional nonprofit community of persomal dental societies to which some nineteen thousand dentists suit, encircling three-quarters of those practicing in the avow. The CDA lobbies on bestead of its members’ interests and conducts marketing and exoteric kinsfolk campaigns for their utility. The dentists who suit to the CDA through these communitys combine to confide by a Code of Ethics (Code), which includes a government limiting their straight to proclaim. Responsibility for enforcing the Code rests in the principal example after a while the persomal dental societies. Applicants who sediment to after a whiledraw or alter exceptionable proclaimments may be denied connection, and members are theme to objurgate, deprivation, or persecution from the CDA. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) brought a expostulation despite the CDA, alleging that it applied its Code so as to restrict sincere, nondeceptive advertising and hence violated Section 5 of the FTC Act. The FTC alleged that the CDA unreasonably restricted cost advertising—particularly discounted fees—and advertising touching to the kind of dental services. What are the arguments that the per se gauge applies to this fact? What are the arguments that a government of conclude gauge applies to this fact? Which gauge should engage to this fact? Explain. 4-5 pages  3 references use the template rooted