Case Study – Gloria

Case Examine Assignment Template Note: Please use this template to entire the Case Examine Assignment (due in Week 7). All you scarcity to do is transcribe a portion amid each box contained in the template to entertain praise for this assignment.  View Succor Videos Case Examine Assignment Overview Case Examine Section 1 Review Case Examine Section 2 Review Case Examine Section 3 Review _________________ Gloria has of-late graduated nursery and established a new job. Her coworkers appear very discerning, and Gloria has gotten to perceive Lakeisha and Reggie the best. Reggie is a courteousdisposed older man who repeatedly talks environing his plans for recess in five years. He likes to create herd laugh but repeatedly jokes environing his struggles to acquire new programs and technology.  Gloria and Lakeisha bear been asauthorized to product on a contrivance concertedly. Lakeisha is very organized and has free a register of to-do items parallel after a while due epochs. She courteous-balanced color-coded the register to denote which spouse conquer do each item. Gloria, who is further laid-back, arrive-ats a bit unhappy after a while this micromanaging from Lakeisha, who has singly been at the job a few months longer than she has. Gloria wonders if Lakeisha thinks she is either idle or senseless, and she does not face advanced to producting on this contrivance. In the gone-by, Gloria attempted to join her arrive-atings after a while a co-worker; notwithstanding, her coworker told Gloria that she scarcityed to put her arrive-atings aside and honorable do the product asauthorized to her.  As Gloria ponders having a dialogue after a while Lakeisha, she set-outs to arrive-at dumbfounded and thinks she command bear to ask to be removed from this contrivance.   Still, she and Lakeisha bear united owing they are twain unique mothers of teenagers. Gloria confides in Lakeisha environing her 16-year-old son who has established making weak choices and is currently established for dastardly out of the lineage and getting drunk at a cause the ignorance precedently a big exam. The crew of-late known the team that there conquer be a ductility trial on new insurance policies, which employees conquer scarcity to ignoring in arrange to hold their jobs. The crew has granted representatives to examine as courteous as optional action exams. Gloria and Lakeisha bear authorized up to siege the leading action trial. Reggie, notwithstanding, jokes that he conquer probably abide until the ignorance precedently the trial to understand the representative. As the epoch of the trial approaches, Reggie becomes increasingly expressive. He creates common comments environing how dense it is for him to acquire a contrariant way of doing the jobs that he has been doing for years, joking that “you can’t train an old man new tricks.” 1. Gloria’s son is making weak decisions. Given what you bear acquireed environing a) brain outaugmentation and b) collective outaugmentation in Chapter 3: Explain why Gloria’s son is making those weak decisions. Discuss unfair strategies Gloria can appliance to succor her son create improve choices. Use unfair concepts akin to outaugmentation and self-guide to teach why these strategies would be efficient. 2. Reggie is demonstrating a unroving mindset. How is Reggie’s mindset important the way he prepares for the new ductility trial? Use brain plasticity (neuroplasticity) to teach how Reggie can set-out to expand a augmentation mindset. Suggest examine strategies for Reggie so that he conquer be free for the ductility trial. Use unfair concepts from Chapter 4 to teach why these strategies conquer be efficient. 3. Consider Gloria and Lakeisha’s contrariant approaches to the contrivance. On which of the Big 5 oneness traits do they most vary? Give command to Gloria on how she can use melting guide and percipient reappraisal to product after a while Lakeisha.