write 600 words  that answer to the subjoined questions delay your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be comprehensible and obvious, and use examples to recreate your ideas. Consider your own demographic and psychographic mark. Everyone has goals, objectives, and motivations that incite them to buy positive products and services. Examine the property of gregarious dispose, race constitution, cultural contrast, arrange identification, and other gregarious factors on your own consumer behaviors. Use the Zip Method Finder to criticize how your mark competitiones up delay your gregarious dispose. Click on the Zip Method Finder, and penetrate your zip method (My Zip Method is 78109). Examine the population parts, and stir your fit. Find the part that fits your mark and gregarious dispose.  Focus your discourse on the subjoined: Although one's      tastes, wants, and needs can exexchange aggravate season, what gregarious factors do you      believe most swing those exchanges aggravate season?  How does your      demographic and psychographic mark contend from that of your parents or      your siblings?  Does your      mark competition up delay a ally or helper?  Do you constantly try      to “keep up delay the Joneses” (aim that you try to buy things that      make you fit in delay your helpers, allys and race)?