certified Specialist Intelligence (CSBI) Reflection Parts 1 and 2 of 6

  Certified Specialist Advice (CSBI) Reflection Parts 1 and 2 of 6 In Week One, you procure acquisition CSBI examine materials. This week you procure centre on Domains I and II of the Certified Specialist Vocation Advice (CSBI) Examine Materials. Go to www.hfma.org (Links to an manifest place.)Links to an manifest place. Sign in delay your username and password Click My Account Click My eLearning A new window or tab procure notorious. Find the appellation of the round “Certified Specialist Vocation Intelligence” and click Launch/Continue to inaugurate, and perfect Domains I and II. If you accept any questions delay this process, touch HFMA’s Member Services at [email protected]  CSBI Territory I: Industry Understanding HealthCare exhibition patterns Key healthcare drivers HIPAA/HITECH -PHI Terminology Useful vocation advice requires persons delay the capabilities to search, purified, transfigure, and pattern basis delay the goals of highlighting suited knowledge, suggesting conclusions, and livinged decision-making. We procure intimation HFMA’s CSBI round throughout this round. The CSBI round presents methods and tools for basis resurvey in living of operative knowledge throng and decision-making in healthcare organizations. CSBI Territory II: The Vocation of Providing Healthcare Services The three vocation functions in the composition of a healthcare provider organization Delivery of Healthcare: A multidisciplinary authoritative experience involving: clinical, finance, payers (others?); (interior stakeholder analysis; tied to basis delayin each stakeholder machine) Understanding financial processes, basis conducive and its use – financial & operational Revenue Cycle ABC costing Productivity KPI’s Budgeting & Planning Understanding clinical is-sue & processes, basis conducive & and its use - financial & operational vocation management During this round, you procure expend two to disgusting hours per week preparing for the CSBI exam, which procure be charmed in Week Six. As you equip, you procure animadvert on what you’ve well-informed in the make of a register. A register beginning compriseing your animadvertions on the CSBI pleased should be submitted for each territory perfectd. This week, your register should comprise one page on Territory I and one page on Territory II, and should conceive the aftercited knowledge: Title Page according to APA makeatting. Describe what you well-informed from the Domain. Describe how you may employ the knowledge in your prevalent or coming course. Carefully resurvey the Grading Rubric (Links to an manifest place.)Links to an manifest place. for the criteria that procure be used to evaluate your assignment.