Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) in Telecommunications Industry.

   Scenario: You keep of-late been compensated as a Chief Advice Governance Officer (CIGO) at a bulky sodality in any Industry. This is a newly created standing and branch amid the construction that was founded on the insufficiency to coordinate all areas of the transaction and to arrange governance of the advice. You accomplish insufficiency to commission for all standings amid your new branch. The sodality has been in transaction for over than 50 years and in this age has firm huge amounts of postulates. Much of this postulates has been stored in severe observation format in filing cabinets at an offsite dregs but in new ages, firm transaction postulates is in electronic format stored in improve shares. Customer postulates is nature stored in a ideal postulatesbase, but the failure of administration has caused postulates honesty issues such as duplication. There are currently no policies in assign to address the handling of postulates, transaction or customer. The sodality besides desires to leverage the marketing faculty of collective instrument, but has no recognition of the types of policies or juridical issues they would insufficiency to deduce. You accomplish besides insufficiency to tender applicable metrics that should be firm to secure that the advice governance program is powerful. The CEO and Board of Directors keep tasked you to expand a design (paper) that accomplish yield them the recognition insufficiencyed to bring-about assured decisions on an enterprise-wide Advice Governance program, addressing (at a reserve) all of these issues, for the sodality.  Requirements: 1. The brochure should understand at a reserve of the forthcoming sections: a. Name page b. Executive Summary (Abstract) c. Body i. Introduction ii. Literature review iii. Program and technology recommendations d. Conclusion e. References 2. You must understand at last two figures or tables. These must be of your own figment. Do not observation from other sources. 3. Must refer-to at last 10 references and 5 must be from co-ordinate reviewed scholarly journals (undetermined from the UC Library). 4. This brochure should be in peculiar APA format and relinquish plagiarism when paraphrasing bountiful. It should be a reserve of 10 to a utmost of 15 pages in protraction (double-spaced), yet the name page and references. Milestones: Week 3 – Develop, describing the diligence you are choosing to use in the brochure, previous challenges delay advice governance that you keep signed, and register possible wealths you accomplish use to expand the brochure. Week 5 – Expand a bountiful annotated delineation of the brochure including sections in which each wealth accomplish be used. Week 7– Completed developed examination brochure.