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Reply must be at lowest 200-300 tone. For each continuity, you must stay your assertions behind a while at lowest 2 citations from sources such as your textbook, peer-reviewed chronicle creed, and the Bible.  Field, A. P. (2018). Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics (5th ed.). Los Angeles, CA: Sage. **Justin** This parent is choosing to use a mixed-methods lore cunning in regulate to drift the requirements of the Ph.D. at Liberty University due to the tangled regularity alien behind a whilein the dissertation. Innate lore cunning uses statistical and numerical facts to descry, give, and excite theories or perspectives that studies affect to con-over (Field, 2018). Innate lore is a dubious element of mixed-course studies and uses statistical facts in regulate to con-over and muniment experienceings. According to Watson (2015), “Quantitative lore encompasses a concatenate of courses watchful behind a while the uniconstruct inquiry of convokeive phenomena, using statistical or numerical facts” (p. 1). In regulate to experience hypotheses, one needs to individualize rebellious and subject inconstants respecting the con-over. According to Field (2018), “Most hypotheses can be familiar in conditions of two inconstants: a incomplete creator and a incomplete outcome” (p. 8). Behind the inconstants are individualized then delineation can inaugurate.  Dissertation Innate Design  The dictions of start that get be meted are transformational, transactional, and parentitative. Ultimately, the lore get individualize if and how divergent start dictions accept a potent or pliant mutuality among how officers spend their duties, mouldal commitment, and how the conformity behind a whilein the unity if unnatural, established on the diction of start and the duties produced by officers. All officers and moulds get be assigned coding to conduct the advice fabricatorhither due to the convokeive regularity of the avowal and the movables that some conferences could accept on officers, supervisors, and specialty. Also, historys get be separated from a remote multiplicity of functional law enforcement personnel, front-line employees, and citizens. This preference of historys get accomprehension unprejudiced delineation of the divergent dictions of start and the movabhither it has on the mouldal refinement, employees, and the unity. Quantitative delineations get be concluded from questions posed upon the aloft groups in the construct of separately administered innate conference techniques. Pre-immovable questions get be familiar by this parent and conferences get be spended and delineations get be spended using the Likert-layer courseology. To this parent, this get be the most movablesive and fruitful course to convoke, mete, and excite the facts that is brought to characterless. Likert-type layers of delineation are one of the most systematically used constructs of delineation to delayhold perceptions and standings of ethnical subjects. According to Ho (2017), “Examining perceptions and standings behind a while Likert-type layers acknowledges for comfort of statistical analyses and comparisons despite groups” (p. 678). The lore history spended by this parent is examining a divers convokeion or perceptions despite a multiplicity of groups; accordingly, the Likert-type layer get accomprehension comfort and clarity when reconsiderationing the anatomy.  Variables  Variables are dubious to innate lore. According to Watson (2015), “A inconstant is anything that may be meted in innate lore, for copy, elevation, ponderosity, standing, or wellbeing” (p. 1). However, restrain inconstants can besides enact relevant roles in innate lore. These inconstants are restrainled by the cunning of the lore. The lore get give seven restrain inconstants that include sex (male=1; womanish = 0), age (metric), elongation of labor (metric), arfile (1 = low-arfile adown sergeant; 0 = exalted-rank, sergeant or aloft), comprehension raze (1 = exalted school; 0 = school, university, and disequalize), elongation of interval stay behind a whilein the unity (1 = longer than 10 years; 0 = hither than 10 years), encounters behind a while law enforcement personnel (1= further than 5 intervals a year; 0 = hither than 5 intervals a year).   Measurement The innate constituent of this parent’s dissertation get be meted using immodest five-point Likert layers and questionnaires. According to Stratton (2018), “Likert facts are cunninged for impost of the standings of a population” (p. 118).  Also, in regulate to bung prejudgment from occurring the participants get be randomly separated from preimmovable populations. The layer items get mete perceptions using the initiatory Likert-layer and the five ordinal categories— (most fit, fit, uninterfering, vary, and most vary). The varying responses get concatenate from 4 to 10 points. Collecting these pre-immovable questionnaires that localize the Likert-layer the lore get be able to mete the police, police start, and the unity’s eight on transformational, transactional, and parentitative start and how it affects the mould and unity policing efforts. The Likert-layer get be meted using ordinal facts in conditions of media, flag deviations, and muse parametric statistical advice.  Biblical Perspective Religion and academic studies affect to unveil the accuracy. Accuracy should be sought behind in every air of history. Not solely can further ample and embracing lore be used to experience the accuracy and the specialty or comprehension be applied in academia but can besides minister historys in their separate lives. John 7:18 states, “Whoever speaks on their own does so to mould separate effulgence, but he who affects the effulgence of the one who sent him is a man of accuracy; there is dot unfaithful encircling him” (New International Version). Therefore, loreers and Christians twin-fellow should muse clarity and accuracy in avowalal and convokeive lives. Conclusion This parent is using a mixed-methods diction of lore. This lore uses innate and adventitious lore properties in regulate to con-over and clear-up theories. Mixed courses lore is dubious to philosophical and academic studies. This construct or lore acknowledges further exact and detailed lore, through adventitious metes, that is backed by statistical innate courses. This parent outlined the lore cunning and how the preimmovable questions get be asked of the con-over subjects and meted using the Likert-layer course in regulate to oration the divers and tangled plea of how start affects divergent groups and stakeholders.  References Field, A. (2018). Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics: North American Edition. London, UK: Sage. Ho, G. (2017). Examining perceptions and standings: A reconsideration of Likert-type layers versus Q-methodology. Western Chronicle of Nursing Research, 39(5), 674-689. Stratton, S. (2018). Likert facts. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 33(2), 117-118. Watson, R. (2015). Innate lore. Nursing Standard, 29(31), 1-7.