Clinical Case Study Presentation (Power point APA format)

    Clinical Case Study Presentation Diagnosis, Symptom and Illness Management Presentations (35 Points) Pick a Topic from the catalogue of Diseases discussed weeks 11-15. You are to do a potentiality object offer using the forthcoming headings under. Introduce a customary enduring delay this distemper order and how they would introduce to the function and how you would production up, diagnose and speak. Pictures are encouraged. You conquer be graded on professionalism and full. Slides want to own Suffrage Over (Your suffrage giving the offer on each slide) Max 20 slides and Max 10 Minutes. Upload to Moodle. This may be produced in clusters of 2 novices or partially, twain novices must own their own suffrage comprised in the offer. The suffrage of novices should be 50/50 disjoined unarranged the slides. Each novice must acquiesce ultimate offer partially and if produced in cluster, the avoid special acquiesceting content ignorance the Turn it in jaw as it conquer say 100% and exact add still n ess delay patience though Moodle of your partners designate. (Group members must own similar zealot) Link on how to do Powerobject delay suffrage over     IMPORTANT 9 slides womanly suffrage discounting the original slide an 9 further suffrage discounting the definite slide references.... Presentations must conceive a Slides delay the forthcoming notification. ·       TITLE (slide 1) ·       DESCRIPTION  (Patient notification)  (slide 2 etc.. and so on) ·       EPIDEMIOLOGY ·       ETIOLOGY ·       RISK FACTORS ·       ASSOCIATED CONDITIONS ·       HISTORY ·       PHYSICAL EXAM ·       DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS ·       TESTS ·       TREATMENT ·       PROGNOSIS ·       REFERENCES