Communciation and Collaboration (400-600 words) APA format w/references

Theresa and Mike recognize that architecture the culture they envision requires able message, collaboration, and participative substance solving. They envision creating an form such that Joe and other employees conquer recognize correspondently what to do when faced after a while choices that mingle ethics. As the foremost stalk in embedding apparent intellectual processes in the form, they conceive they deficiency to bequeath a decree of inaugurate. Both companies possess operated after a while an verbal decree that was never formalized. The consultant is asked to succor them recognize the end and satisfied of an meritorious decree of inaugurate and how they should go environing developing it.  Answer the subjoined questions: What is the end of a decree of inaugurate? Why is it momentous for a corporation to possess a written decree of inaugurate? What issues should be considered to be middle in a decree of inaugurate, especially fond the merger scenario? Evaluate the decree of inaugurate for your vulgar or gone-by master (if the knowledge is not profitable, evaluate a decree of inaugurate attested in an Internet quest).