You are required to transcribe a brief scrutiny Nursing essay evaluating and analyzing paragraph 1 of the proportionately advance introduced in your textbook readings. Your readings this week addressed diversified ways of advanceing comparing and analyzing aspects of gregarious systems. For this assignment, feign that you are preparing to originate a purpose that attempts to elucidate the luck of democracy in the United States. Please transcribe a 5–7-page scrutiny Nursing essay elucidateing how you agency advance this purpose. Specifically, your Nursing essay should: 1) Describe in component how the proportionately advance forcible in the Dickovick and Eastwood textbooks agency adduce to this question; 2) Elucidate which manifest questions agency be addressed, what peels of grounds and declaration agency be advantageous and which peel(s) of similarity(s) would be beneficial; and 3) Elucidate what role ascendant worldviews agency illustrate in the presumptions of a proportionately advance and what role a Judeo-Christian worldview agency illustrate in one’s advance to this purpose.