Comparison/Contrast Essay

Touchstemper 2: Comparison/Contrast Essay ASSIGNMENT: Draw a 3-4 page (closely 700-1000 talk) similitude/dissimilarity essay in the acquaintative legislation. In individualization, you must tally the "Think Environing Your Writing" questions, descriptive under, adown your essay.  A. Instructions Begin by choosing a material for your similitude/dissimilarity essay. You are loose to excellent your own material, or you may use one of the exemplification materials listed under. However, you should embezzle a material that you enjoy familiarity of so that you enjoy adapted objects of similitude or dissimilarity to argue in your essay. You succeed deficiency to parallel or dissimilarity two or three principal objects environing the two materials you embezzle to transcribe environing, resulting in an essay after a while either impure or six association chapters, an precursory chapter, and a misentry. In enjoin to exsummon knowledge and development, all essays you resign must be newly written peculiarally for this continuity. Any recycled fruit succeed be sent end after a while a 0, and you succeed be given one undertake to redo the standard. Sample Material Ideas: Compare or dissimilarity two cities you’ve visited or that you’ve lived in Compare or dissimilarity two members of your family Compare or dissimilarity two sources of news  Compare or dissimilarity two singers in incongruous voicelessness genres Compare or dissimilarity two literal figures Compare or dissimilarity two artists (for issue, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso or Keith Haring and Andy Warhol) Compare or dissimilarity two eras in time  Compare or dissimilarity two television series Compare or dissimilarity two types of technologies (for issue, Android and Apple phones or PlayStation and Xbox) Compare or dissimilarity two medical materials (for issue, unwritten salve and legislationrn salve or doctors and midwives) Remember that the two materials you embezzle should enjoy a meaningful junction so that you can delineate similitudes or dissimilaritys among the two.  Your material should transport the main fancy of the essay and distinctly sonorous what two materials you are comparing/contrasting. Because you are agreement in the acquaintative legislation for this essay, you should use extrinsic talk. Remember that for this essay, you are not perplexing to influence or persuade the interobject that one romance is better or worse than the other; you are instead acquainting the reader environing the similarities or dissentences among the two materials in an extrinsic behavior. Please melody that if you use instruction from any beyond sources, you succeed deficiency to summon them. Plagiarism is not acceptable in academic agreement. B. Think Environing Your Writing After you’ve drawed your essay, tally the forthcoming questions environing your agreement. Embrace tallys to all of the questions under your essay.   1. Did you use the object-by-object or arrest system to dispose your association chapters? What made you flow to dispose your essay in this way (3-4 dooms)? Sophia says: Consider the ways a similitude/dissimilarity essay can be disposed. Which form did you embezzle and why? 2. In what ways did agreement a similitude/dissimilarity essay dissent from the Narrative essay you wrote in Standard 1? Give peculiar issues (3-4 dooms). Sophia says: Consider how the constitution, object of object, and resolve of the two essays dissent. 3. Remember that the agreement arrangement is a recursive arrangement, and your foremost draw of an essay is sometimes your decisive. What keep-akeep-apart of the draw did you agony after a while (3-4 dooms)? Sophia says: Think environing how you could better the draw if you continued the agreement arrangement after a while alteration and editing. C. Comparison/Contrast Guidelines Refer to the controllist under throughout the agreement arrangement. Do not resign your Standard until your draw meets all of the guidelines. Print this controllist! Elements of a Comparison/Contrast Essay ❒ Are there telling objects of similitude or dissimilarity among the two materials you enjoy excellented? ❒ Do you frame unclouded similitudes or dissimilaritys among the two materials after a whilein the association chapters of the essay? ❒ Are the association chapters disposed either by object or by material? ❒ Enjoy you used progressive talk or phrases to point-out objects life paralleld or dissimilarityed? ❒ Does the essay enjoy a unclouded and harmonious rendezvous of comparing and dissimilaritying two materials? Thesis Statement ❒ Enjoy you interposed a unclouded, rendezvoused, and minute material announcement? ❒ Does your material say the materials to be paralleld or dissimilarityed and embrace the two or three objects of similitude or dissimilarity? ❒ Is your material a unique doom located in the precursory chapter? Organization ❒ Is there an precursory chapter that contains your material announcement? ❒ Are there impure or six entirety association chapters, each after a while a unclouded material doom? ❒ Is there a misentry chapter after a while a past announcement? ❒ Enjoy you used transitions to be-mixed fancys among dooms and chapters? Style and Tone ❒ Is the temper of the essay extrinsic and acquaintative? ❒ Enjoy you carefully considered your message choices? ❒ Is the resolve of your essay distinctly to acquaint the reader environing the similarities or dissentences among the two materials? Conventions ❒ Enjoy you controled your essay for close and habitual errors? ❒ Enjoy you used fascination control or another system to control fascinationing? Before you Submit ❒ Enjoy you interposed your call, bound, and continuity at the top left of the page? ❒ Enjoy you completed the “Think Environing Your Writing” questions? ❒ Is your essay among 3-4 pages (closely 700-1000 talk)? Requirements Your draw must be 3-4 page (closely 700-1000 talk) Guidelines must be followed or dependence succeed not be graded  Double-space your draw and use one-inch margins. Use an easily-readable 12-object font. All agreement must be embezzle for an academic matter. Your draw must be former and written for this assignment.  Plagiarism of any bark is strictly prohibited.  Your dependence must embrace your call, the call of the continuity, the bound, and the style of your draw. Your dependence must embrace your tallys to the “Think Environing Your Writing” questions  Submit a unique finish that contains all of the assignment components. Acceptable finish formats embrace .doc and .docx.