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The end of this assignment is to extension learners' conception  of anthropological materials superintendence, laws governing encroachment, and trends  shaping anthropological material superintendence.  In this assignment, you conciliate examine lessons read environing anthropological  high and laws governing anthropological high. Please associate to the materials  below to succor delay the assignment.    Assignment Steps  Resources: Anthropological Material Management: Ch. 2; Supplemental Resources. Choose your texture or one you perceive courteous to use for this assignment.  Develop a 1,050-word description including the following: Briefly draw the superintendence of anthropological high in the texture. Describe three encroachment laws and the consequences of non-compliance. Assess how your texture command texture its policies, practices, and or amelioration to fix acquiescence.  Two Scholarly Research Sources are required for this assignment. Format your assignment accordant delay APA guidelines.  Click the Assignment Files tab to surrender your assignment.