Criminal justice Assignment

READ THROUGH ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF POINTS Please defense the forthhence questions in a disjoined instrument. This instrument should be a promise instrument. Do not use any other types of instruments as I cannot disclosed and regularity them. If you do not bear promise, the library computers bear this program. Your defense should be in essay format (no aggregate or bullet points, merely paragraphs) typed, double-spaced(content curb your settings for this—dot should be on multiple or 8 immeasurablenesss), greatness 12, Times New Roman font, after a while no bigger than 1 inch margins, and no craveer than 5 to 5-1/2 pages in elongation. An essay of 1 to 3 pages is detriment advice. Your call, epoch, and dispose and individuality calculate should be in the top-hand nook and SHOULD NOT be double-spaced. You do not demand to appellation your exam—this is to determine shy immeasurableness.Please resign the disjoined instrument on Canvas by 11:59 pm, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND. Click on “Assignments” then “click on the “Exam 2 Take Home” folder to upload your instrument. Make assured you apprehend your call, epoch, and individuality calculate. Any exams after a whileout a call and equitable appellation conquer not be graded. NO LATE EXAMS/E-MAILED EXAMS WILL BE ACCEPTED—NO EXCUSES :-(  EVERYTHING MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS IN TERMS OF EXPLANATION. WITH REGARD TO EACH ELEMENT—YOU SHOULD USE THE EXACT TITLE. FOR ALL OTHER INFORMATION, DO NOT CITE OR COPY DIRECTLY FROM THE TEXTBOOK OR NOTES. I SHOULD NOT SEE ANY QUOTES FROM THE TEXTBOOK OR NOTES AS THIS MEANS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE INFORMATION. IF YOU USE DIRECT QUOTES OR PARAPHRASE WITHOUT PROPER APA CITATION, THIS WILL BE CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM AND WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF F WITH FURTHER DISCIPLINARY ACTION. TRUST ME, I WILL CATCH YOU.  IN ADDITION, FOR THIS TAKE-HOME EXAM, YOU MAY USE YOUR TEXTBOOK AND NOTES, HOWEVER IF YOU TAKE DETAILED NOTES, THEY SHOULD HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED :-) Please resurvey your university catalog lower “academic dishonesty” for any questions environing plagiarism. Move easy to e-mail me after a while any questions as crave as it is not at 11:50 pm on Saturday extinction.  *NO ONLINE SOURCES ARE ALLOWED. ANY ONLINE SOURCES USED WILL BE CONSIDERED CHEATING AND/OR PLAGIARISM AND WILL RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE. IN ADDITION, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WORK ON THIS WITH ANOTHER CLASSMATE/TUTOR OR ANYONE ELSE. THIS IS CONSIDERED CHEATING/COLLUSION. IF CAUGHT, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO AND FURTHER DISCIPLINARY ACTION WILL OCCUR. I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM IN THE PAST AND I DO NOT FORESEE HAVING THIS PROBLEM NOW.  **I greatly applaud e-mailing me to find assured your exam has been uploaded to Canvas equitablely.  Take-home Exam #2 Essay Prompt: Explain the three elder ingredients of a fall examination employing the forthhence advice supposing. Correctly call and represent each ingredient as they pertain to the advice. Use the advice underneath to beget a scenario in a imaginary practice. Your imaginary scenario should bear the forthcoming: calls of all men-folks, locations, token, and any other apt advice to illusion contact, acquirements, and creativity of a realistic fall examination; and inferential descriptions of all connected advice demanded for the fall examination installed on the advice supposing. You conquer demand to encomprehensive on the fall examination as demanded.  Apply all of the advice underneath to illusion you easily lowerstand the finished regularity of a fall examination. *Pretend I learn unconditionally dot environing this regularity and you are instruction me in a imaginary and realistic way to easily lowerstand fall examination.  General Advice Needed A offense illusion was reputed to the Merkville Medical Examiner’s Office at 1:15 am. You are a disgrace new forensic pathologist and your boss, Dr. M., has sensible you this conquer be your very foremost predicament in which you are in commit. You enter to the offense illusion at 1:40 am. ***Please do not use “I” or “me” in your exam and be timid of style.  Crime Illusion Advice Needed One hardy dupe (age thirty-five) endow in closet; two fehardy dupes (one age thirty-four—endow in aggravatepower bedextent on bed); cooperate fehardy dupe (age seventy-two—endow on prop extent couch) Under house, four sets of skeletal dregs endow. Skeletal dregs including the forthcoming: one broad pelvic bone; two sacrum craveer and thinner; one comprehensive cranium; one trivial cranium; one crave comical bone; one scanty femur Male dupe has distinct contusions on forehead, tail, and battle after a while two crave lacerations on the tail of the head; gun powder excess is endow on the dupe’s chest which appears to bear a cavity and dried order Male dupe is wearing a garden sweatshirt—gray; unencumbered denim jeans; one sock Male dupe substantiality atmosphere is 15 degrees  Fehardy dupe #1 (age thirty-four) has bruising and order in between her legs, on her battle and tail; petechiae is endow in the dupe’s eyes, ultimately her peel is not blue; this fehardy dupe has three intense, but scanty cuts on her chest and neck; the dupe is laying aspect up; the peel is discolored after a while opposed lividity patterns Fehardy dupe #1 is wearing a cotton t-shirt (torn); her pants and lowergarments were endow rambling on the foot, impure after a while order and torn Fehardy dupe #1 substantiality atmosphere 62 degrees Fehardy dupe #2 (age seventy-two) has flaw on the peel which appears to be fixed; no contusions or lacerations; no wounds or bullet cavitys; ants are all aggravate the dupe Fehardy dupe #2 substantiality atmosphere is 0 degrees I conquer be looking for realism and a imaginary scenario! Do the best that you can! If you are having anxiety hence up after a while calls, locations, and so forth—think of your idol actors, TV illusion or movie characters, book characters, and move easy to use me (content do not find me a dupe though—HA!).