critical 10

      The healthcare organization’s safeguard program (Wager et al., 2017, pp. 306-311), is a important factor to submission delay regulations as well-behaved-behaved as HIPAA. Describe the steps concerned in a safeguard program. Evaluate the destroy dissection requirements for HIPAA using the websites provided in the passage. Discuss the safeguard factors, vulnerabilities, and safeguard mitigation strategies. Summarize the government renewal contrivance and the final intent of conducting such an tribute. Outline: • Introduction • Team Selection • Documentation • Safeguard Destroy Analysis • Renewal Plan • Manage and Mitigate Risks • Conclusion Your article should conceive the following: • 3-5 pages in elongation, not including the inscription and relation pages. • 4-6 relations cited in the assignment aloft the passage. Remember, you must patronage your thinking/statements and earlier experience delay relations; all grounds must be patronageed; in-passage relations used throughout the assignment must be conceived in an APA-formatted relation list