CT 2 Healthcare Information

Create a Power Point Introduction that describes grounds condition characteristics by researching foul-mouthed declaration on grounds condition.  Describe the five despicable tome of grounds condition and how EHR grounds is used as a fountain of longitudinal grounds for population studies. Your introduction should engage the forthcoming structural requirements: Be 7-8 slides in protraction, not including the shelter or relation slides. Be formatted according to the APA Writing title. Provide livelihood for your statements after a while in-text citations from a restriction of foul-mouthed (4) skilled declaration. Two (2) of these fountains may be from the dispose readings, textbook, or lectures, but two (2) must be apparent.  Presentation notes are required for each slide and should be put in the notes exception to livelihood the slide satisfied. These can be multiply of the introduction or delivered as a detached instrument. If you opt for the bygone, be sensible that the introduction cannot be submitted in PDF format, which does not create notes distinguishable to the instructor. Utilize the forthcoming headings to frame the satisfied in your work: Introduction Assessment Recommendations Conclusion