cultural /ethical

 Topic: Childhood Fleshiness and Management  Compose a focused Nursing Dissertation that explains and describes your healthcare outcome or topic from a cultural and ghostly perspective of examination. (You succeed shelter two perspectives in one Nursing Dissertation.) Form and counterpart two levels of topic topics for each examination to discourse your chosen topic. · State your topic topics in your Nursing Dissertation's preface. · Form the substance of your Nursing Dissertation by counterparting each topic topic and subsistence your assertions delay appearance (research). · In the quittance of the Nursing Dissertation, briefly criticism the outcomes, topic topics, counterparts, and insights. Ethical Perspective Level 1- What are the ghostly concerns delay childhood fleshiness? Level 2 – How does a rise socioeconomic standing concern childhood fleshiness? Cultural Perspective Level 1 – What cultural values and /or norms govern childhood fleshiness? Level 2 –How is childhood fleshiness discourseed heterogeneous in varying cultural contexts? Your Nursing Dissertation must be five pages in tediousness and regard disgusting to six erudite, peer-reviewed instrument. Be strong to prosper running APA Style formatting standards (spacing, font, headers, titles, abstracts, page numbering, etc.).