Customer Satisfaction Survey

   Scenario: You are a customer use hardihood supervisor for Netflix, and you own been tasked delay creating a customer content view to evaluate customer interactions delay seduce hardihood representatives. Consider the types of seduces and the best-practice experiences that you get omission to estimate.  Part I Compose a insignificant view delay 6 view interrogations and a rating flake. You may own no over than one open-ended interrogation.  For direction on how to transcribe effectual view interrogations, quest keyword: “See affection : Janes, J. (1999) ‘Survey construction’, Library Hi Tech, 17(3).  Part II Write a two- to three-page disquisition, typed and double-spaced, in which you sift-canvass the subjoined components: 1.What are the view interrogations intended to estimate and why did you elect to estimate these components?  2. What process get be used to awaken view feedback? 3.How get this view notification be used? What levels of the form get see the results? 4.What shift implementation or initiatives get the view results importune? 5. What policy get be used to tolerate view free-trade?                      ****Often, front cord teams pushback on the achievement of view results measuring their exploit.                      ****How get you oration the challenges associated delay view fibre inveterate on reply rates and customer tendencies?  Include a insufficiency of three sources