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Part 1: Answer the Module Review Questions inventoryed beneath. These questions were selected to unfold your sense and aid you assess your advancement. Describe the two steps to basis storage scheme. How are a polish and a basisbase contrariant from each other? Name five emblems of polishs and delineate the pristine view of each emblem. Name two emblems of leave-by-will basisbases and the ocean problems associated delay each emblem. What is the most public husk of basisbase today? Provide three examples of products that are grounded on this basisbase technology. What are the two most leading factors in determining the emblem of basis storage constructat that should be adopted for a rule? Why are these factors so leading? Part 2: Module Practice: You enjoy been loving a polish that contains the aftercited fields relative-to to CD instruction. Using the steps of regularization, generate a close basis pattern that represents this polish in third regular construct. The fields involve the aftercited: Musical collection indicate Musicians in collection Date collection was constructed Group’s agent CD indicate 1 CD indicate 2 CD indicate 3 CD 1 length CD 2 length CD 3 length The assumptions are as follows: Musicians in collection contains a inventory of the members of the mob in the harmonious collection. Musical collections can enjoy over than one CD, so twain collection indicate and CD indicate are needed to uniquely fulfill a feature CD.