In your own tone, acceptance this ace's argument questions in a deep column (recommended narrowness 350 tone)  Assignment Details You are the exceptional teams chief in a elder metropolitan police influence. You bear a Exceptional Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, a Narcotics ace, a Vice ace, and a Street Crimes squad. You bear heard that the Street Crimes squad is initiateing to bear a growing calculate of complaints of subject abuse in conditions of visible apprehension and claims of forfeiture funds and resources. You initiate by consultationing the newest component of the team, who has singly been on the team for 4 months. He is a immense police official who came from the Detective Bureau to exertion in the Street Crimes ace. In the consultation, he allied that distinct components of the nine-person team were heavy-handed behind a while suspects. He besides allied that behind a month on the team, he accepted an wrap in his locker that contained $3,000. He does not perceive who slipped it through the outlet slots in the door, but on that day, he saw two other components of the team behind a while concordant wraps. Address the forthcoming in your deep column:  What are 2 possible problems that are occurring in this team? Can these problems be attributed to weight caused by high-stakes, traumatic events? Why or why not? Explain. How do you conceive this situation could bear progressed to this remote? Explain. Are interpersonal reactions incompact police unanalogous from those of regular subjects respecting high-stakes, traumatic events? Why or why not? Explain in component.