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**NEED THIS ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE BY 11PM EASTERN TIME!** 1. After lection the tenets, fine the 1 article that you eagerness to digest. Your line should be in APA format and must comprise the instruction listed adown in the aftercited format and be posted at-once in the argument board: ***Please use format adown!*** ***Discussion Board Format*** · Definition: a short restriction of the key account; this does not reckon in the tidings limitation. The restriction must be cited to the cause. · Summary: Choose 1 of the tenets and distinctly digest it in your own tidingss. This must be 150 tidings poverty. While the bulk of the resume should be focused on the article, be indisputable to silence the article's doer as courteous as his/her credentials and the debate his/her opinions, elimination, or findings should be respected touching the concept.  · Discussion: Using a poverty of 400 tidingss, transcribe a short argument in your own tidingss of how the article relates to the fineed concept. The argument should comprise input from BOTH ARTICLES separated for the key concept. Some argument could comprise whether the tenets acquiesce or disagree; recommendations in the tenets for integration in the workplace, etc.  · Revealed Integration: You must solidity your key account delay a revealed fact. Integration of revealed fact is not singly listing a Bible sequence but connecting the Scripture to the concept being healed. This individuality must be a poverty of 100 tidingss. · References: All references must be listed at the foot of the line in ordinary APA format. Key account: Equity theory Articles about key account are attached!