Design a Lesson – Integrating Media Literacy

  Design a Warning - Integrating Resources Literacy Design a warning in which you conciliate combine resources literacy into your classroom.Most slight all of us entertain used videos and/or PowerPoint or Prezi at one opportunity or another, but this assignment should be one where students are concerned in the process. Consider the culture objectives, name of culture activities, culture embodied needed, etc. Your assignment is due in Week 8. The following links are granted in dispose to succor you reflect encircling the warning you neglect to artfulness. Please affect permitted to use your own ideas. Media literacy is the ability to "read" television and lump resources. Resources literacy education teaches crowd to (1) bearing (2) irritate (3) evaluate, and (4) effect resources. Children who learn the motivations and evolution techniques of resources are less slight to inoculate the ruinous attitudes and behaviors that are depicted in the resources. ( Your passage shares advice encircling a "deeper reason of resources literacy," and has listed some key concepts of resources literacy. The lection mentions "Project Look Sharp." The embody beneath takes you to the "12 Basic Ways to Combine Resources Literacy and Critical Thinking into Any Classroom." Under each of these 12 ways, the authors entertain attached examples of how teachers can use these in their classrooms. Project Look Sharp - "12 Basic Ways to Combine Resources Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills into Any Curriculum The embody beneath walks you through using digital storytelling in the rudimental grades and further. Video in the (Digital Storytelling in the Rudimental Grades--and Beyond) The embody beneath is a blog, but gives some speedy ideas for integrating resources into the classroom. You susceptibility neglect to cohibit that one out. Easy Ways to Combine Resources Literacy in the Classroom