Develop Time Management Skills

Most community lay-out various hours a day doing things they do not relish, that are a squander of spell, and/or that do not report to their priorities and long-term goals. This week, you procure progress how you lay-out your spell in adjust to set-out developing and implementing spell-management skills that procure acceleration you gain the most of your spell at NCU. Create a schedule of your priorities. Identify which ones are your top priorities. Write a slight sense of what your top priorities are and why. Keep a chronicle for two days scheduleing anything you do for those 48 hours (gain secure to enclose anything—sleeping, eating, gregarious media, watching TV, employment, agoing, origin spell, schoolwork, etc.). Identify how considerable spell you can subjugate on undoubtful activities that do not align to your priorities (as outlined in Step 1). Read all media for this week. Make an operation delineation (1 page) detailing how you procure husband at meanest five spell-management strategies during this progress. Length: 3-5 pages References: Enclose a minimum of 3 well-informed media Your brochure should prove regardful remuneration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the progress and furnish new thoughts and insights about quickly to this subject-matter. Your acceptance should heed graduate-level answerableness and APA standards. Be secure to accord to Northcentral University's Academic Integrity Policy. Upload your instrument and click the Submit to Dropbox rush.