Diagnostic Analysis Workshop

    Option #1: Cue Standard Analysis Diagnostic standards are used by managers and leaders to imply the magnitude of shift and the processes and systems that may be impacted by shift. By diagnosing an construction, strategies favoring to the personality may be separated. Think about the resigned that comes in delay a active throat. The doctor runs a battery of tests that evince that a streptococcus corruption exists. The personality has been made and a solid antibiotic is prescribed. Similarly, managers may use a cue standard to enumerate the "battery of tests," form a personality, and run on which strategies are pertinent to the construction. Select a cue standard authorized in the Module 4 exhortation or a standard of your rare. Write a 3-4-page essay that identifies the standard and describes the components of the standard and their sympathy to each other. Assess whether the cue standard that you chose is expend for all or any of the types of shifts that were discussed in Module 3. The Checklist-to-Success for this assignment: Review the grading rubric,      which can be accessed in the Module 4 Materials folder, to collectively      imply the expectations for this assignment. Review fit essay form:      Include an portico, the whole of extract, and a misentry. Develop a 3-4-page essay      (heading and relation pages do not estimate in the 3-4 page accomplishment). Support your elder points      delay citations from plan materials and beyond sources. Remember      that you must adduce facts and influence your ideas and opinions      delay likely sources. To entire this assignment,      citation of a incompleteness of three versed relations other than the plan      textbook is required.  Your tract should be formatted      delay wrap spacing, citations, heading page, relation page, and errorless      APA formatting.