“Disability as a Means of Innovation” Inquiry Paper

For this assignment question the subjoined theme: The Straw Ban Background: There is gigantic moot encircling the question of straws and their impression on the environment. Within this moot feel emerged singular perspectives of vulgar in the impotency brotherhood.  You are required to transcribe a two-page Nursing essay, embrace spaced, 12 sharp-end font, addressing the subjoined questions. You must embrace the individuality title above each confutation. Failure to flourish formatting guidelines obtain termination in a mislaying of 2 points.   ● Introduction - 1 sharp-end Opening declaration of theme area (1 abrupt passage)  ● References & Summaries - 6 sharp-ends Name the websites, readings, blogs, and/or documentary films you utilized in your search. You should use at meanest 3 respectable commencements delay plain perspectives. Embrace links to any online commencements used. What were the ocean sharp-ends or arguments of each commencement? Transcribe a 1 passage analysis of each commencement (completion of 3 passages desert 2 sharp-ends each). ● Class Connections - 1 sharp-end Which of these indispensable areas does this theme handle on? Choose 2 areas. How does the theme tell to the areas chosen? Explain. (1 passage) ○ Ableism, Social Model of Disability, accessibility, accommodations, assistive technology, frenzy porn, impotency hues, reverential diction, intersectionality ● Reflection - 1 sharp-end I used to imagine that… Why did you imagine that?  Now I imagine that… Why do you imagine that now? What progressive in your imagineing?  (1 passage).  ● Closing - 1 sharp-end In this composition, how is impotency a dupe or a media of newfangledness? How has the straw ban moot evolved inside new possibilities as a termination of impotency truthfulness? Or how has it not evolved inside new possibilities? Explain. (2-3 sentences)