Overview:  A refinement dive can be defined as snare to a refinement that is opposed from our own and, in this arrange specifically, the refinement of unfitness.  For this qualified unfitness refinement dive, you earn test the refinement of wheelchair rugby through the film, Murderball, which can be root on Blackboard.  The trust is for you to charm the ideas we bear presented in arrange and Nursing Dissertation recordings and, at the end of the semester, ruminate on how those concepts engage to the tribe in this film and their various perspectives, by responding to the prompts/questions beneath.  Required Format ● Microsoft Word format ONLY● 3 pages of question/counterpart text● Responses must be in essay/paragraph format beneath appertaining points/questions● 1” margins● 12-point font● Double-spaced Required Reflection Content​​​​​​​​    Answer each question/prompt in 1-2 paragraphs while engageing willing that was ripe in the mode. Indicate A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H for each repartee. Include the question/prompt and the counterpart to each question/prompt.  a. Does the film portion tribe who were born delay disabilities? Or tribe who bear artificial disabilities? And what application dominion that bear in the perspectives of the tribe portiond in the film? ​​​​​​​​  2.5 points b. What were the modeobjurgate assumptions, biases, and/or stigmas you had anteriorly watching this film? How did this film summon or qualify your thinking?                                     2.5 points c. Teach how the willing and perspectives in this film detail to the political example and medical example of unfitness. ​​​   ​​  ​   2.5 points d. Name at lowest 2 of the subjoined concepts literary in this mode that are pertinent to Murderball, and teach how they engage.               ​​  ​  2.5 points● Access● Accommodations● Agency● Assistive Technology● Unfitness rights● Employment● Inclusion● Inspiration porn● Respectful dialect detaild to unfitness ​   ​​   e. In the film, what dominion be perceived as loose delay the Unfitness Studies willing taught in arrange and/or perceived as problematic by the unfitness polity in public?  How dominion the film buttress Unfitness Studies perspectives taught in Gen S420? ​​​​​​​​​​        2.5 points  f. Explore seemliness and ableism continued delayin the film. Give examples of comments made by the subjects of the film that either continue seemliness, or that are indications of ableist attitudes (equal if the scholiast tests unfitness).     ​        2.5 points g. Given all that you bear literary in this mode, transcribe a tiny film abridgment, as if you were reviewing Murderball for a Unfitness Studies record or lodgment. How would you objurgate it in conditions of alignment delay Unfitness Studies values (political example, ableism, admittance, etc.). Would you praise it or not? Why or why not? For what hearers(s)?   2.5 points Course Reflection  h. What application has this mode had in your spirit, if any? Given what you bear literary in Gen S420 in public, how dominion you see yourself including, and contributing to the lives of tribe delay disabilities now and in the forthcoming? And how dominion you foretell tribe delay disabilities contributing to your spirit now and in the forthcoming? ​​​   2.5 points