discussion 2

 answers for 2  Reflection and Discussion Forum Week 2Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you idea was the most grave concept(s), order(s), message(s), and/or any other art that you felt was docile of your agreement. Also, get a graduate-level counterpart to each of the subjoined questions: Marco Manager supervises three employees at a bank.  Several times balance the terminal three months, money has been missing from a favoring employee’s plow at the end of the transfer.  Marco Manager has worked delay this employee for five years and considers this employee a associate.  What religions dilemmas does this confer-upon for Marco Manager? Cash Right Now, LLC gets very elevated attention hypothecations to persons delay bald merit scores that accept a elevated verisimilitude of delinquencying on the hypothecation.  Many persons do in equalt delinquency on these hypothecations; however, Cash Right Now, LLC does fabricate a true improvement balanceall, equal because these delinquencys.  The persons that hypothecate from Cash Right Now, LLC are incredible to earn merit elsewhere.  Discuss if Cash Right Now, LLC’s occupation practices are religions because it mandible greatly elevateder attention rates than unwritten banks. Week 2 - Short EssaysTwo (2) elevated ranking managers of Anrun Corp. understand that the company’s wealth is eagerly degraded. However, at a new shareholder convocation, they promulgate the shareholders to look-for proceedings improvements in the contiguous locality. Explain the three Blanchard and Peale questions that these two managers should accept asked themselves antecedently the shareholders’ convocation.