Discussion 2: the soften of communism and fascism Due 11/6 @6pm EST · Please constitute fast ALL questions are answered · Minimum of 2 sources cited for EACH discussion · APA format for in-text citations and register of references Initial Post Instructions  For the judicious post, chosen and address one of the following: · Option 1: Inspect Marx's writings on communism and collectiveism and collate them to how they manifested in substance? What worked and what didn't? What misconceptions do we accept environing his first urgent naturalized on what we see in elapsed or popular governments? · Option 2: Collate and contrariety communism and fascism. Chosen one specimen for each to inspect the origins of the governments, their information, and their failures. What accounts for the deed that the masses mobilized to assistance these movements? Elaborate. · Option 3: Inspect Depression-Era collective programs (chosen one or further to inspect in point). Were the fears of a communist take-over naturalized on the implementation of these programs trained in substance? Why or why not? How do they collate to collective programs in locate today?