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   You must livelihood replies of at lowest 200 language to each of the two argument consultation tenors. For each tenor, you must livelihood your assertions delay at lowest 3 apprehending citations in APA format as polite as apprehend at lowest 1 revealed integration. Each response must quote at lowest 1 apprehending spring or apprehend 1 revealed integration. Knowing media must after from peer-reviewed narratives. Discussion Consultation #1 Key to Facilitation: Set a Lucid Agenda Need for an Agenda A contrivance issue or team debateion needs a lucid agenda to alight focused and delayout one the issue or debateion conclude not feel a lucid view or final concrete and may err.  Starbird and Cavanagh (2011) granted that one key to facilitation is to “set a lucid agenda” (loc: 1273).  One property of Employed Team Performance is to adhere-to toil and postulates lucid, and that apprehends the “key concretes, decisions, surrenderables, and opportunity” for a debateion (Starbird and Cavanagh, 2011, loc; 1273).  An agenda is a cat's-paw that the facilitator can use to fabricate the eager of the debateion lucid antecedently the debateion and control then use to control the debateion.  The authors signed indelicate aspects of a debateion, and indivisible proof highlights the impression of having or not having a lucid agenda and sticking to it—emphasis on sticking to it. Other researchers livelihooded the view and the use of an agenda.  Kauffeld and Lehmann-Willenbrock as quoted in Haar, Koeslag-Kreunen, Euwe, and Segers (2017) signed 10 factors in team debateions, which apprehendd factors allied to goals, straining through questions and answers, opportunity government, and summarizing.  There were some similarities betwixt the authors enjoy contrast debateion goals and having debateion concretes.   Haar et al. (2017) to-boot commented on Uitdewilligen’s findings that in debateions “team members portion-out their apprehendledge, debate what needs to occur instant, and determine on an possession contrivance” (p. 219).  The USAF (2015) Language and Quill mentioned the use of debateion tinys to delaytrust a unromantic archives of the debateion, which is enjoy the summarizing that Haar et al. (2017) root.  Meeting tinys can be availefficient to portion-out a digest delay other that were not in retinue.      Main Parts of an Agenda     An agenda apprehends indelicate deep aces: concretes, decisions, surrenderables, and opportunity allotted (Starbird & Cavanagh, 2011).  First, the concrete is the view of the debateion, and someone should not trust a debateion if it has no view (USAF, 2015).  Second, the agenda may register unfair decisions that the team needs to fabricate.  Third, surrenderables may apprehend the re-examination of disclosed possession aces and assigning new possession aces.  The possession aces (i.e. possession contrivance) apprehend the possession denomination, dependent idiosyncratic, assignee, and due age (Starbird & Cavanagh, 2011, loc: 1314).  Reviewing the possession contrivance adhere-tos fullone on the similar page concerning the status of each ace.  Finally, each ace on the agenda should feel opportunity allotted.  This aids the team and facilitator alight on course and set away the requisite opportunity.  These aces aid determine the team’s agenda aids as “a public-way map for the opportunity allotted, giving the facilitator opportunity markers to proof for covenant and to encroach for disposal” (Starbird & Cavanagh, 2011, loc; 1273).     Personal Experience                Personal proof appearances that debateions can be very availefficient forums to align teams but can to-boot be non-fertile or non-value external if the debateion does not aid a view.  In this exception, I conclude portion-out some of my indivisible proof delay debateion agendas.  I frequented multiple debateions each week in my floating construction.  Some are function staff debateions and others are weekly program team debateions that occured via teleconference.  Many followed a set agenda that aligns closely delay what the authors aggravate recommended.  Those debateions afloat delay an aggravateview of the agenda, re-examinations, possession aces, arguments of issues, requesting and getting eulogy from the flattering officials, and contrast the position for the instant debateion.  This is telling, and fullone apprehends what to look-for.                 As a superintendent, I to-boot de- and set up debateions as needed.  These can to-boot be in the function, or via teleconference.  For near explicit debateions, I feel emailed pattern invites delay an agenda (purpose, talking points, etc.) to the knot.  When I did explicit debateions or issues, in-particular ones that laordeal aggravate an hour, I granted an agenda delay a opportunity breakdown to appearance which subject-matters the knot conclude caggravate to apprehend the set-on-foot and plug opportunitys.                 Some of our staff debateions feel run covet.  This was due to the disclosed-ended constitution delayout a set agenda and no one adhere-toing an eye on the clock.  While there were availefficient subject-matters, possession contrivance re-examinations, and so on, it can be estimateer-fertile when debateions run covet.  As Starbird and Cavanagh (2011) keen out, an agenda should feel opportunity allotted.  This lets the attendees apprehend when the debateion is look-fored to end, and for covet debateions or issues, gives them a breakdown of the ordain and opportunitys for each debateion subject-matter. Biblical Integration                An agenda is a cat's-paw to adhere-to on function and fabricate assured the desired toil is produced.  Scripture in Proverbs 18:9 states “One who is incareful in his toil is tally to one who destroys” (TLV).  This speaks to the impression of someone entity undisciplined in their toil.  If entity incareful controls to perdition, then the nearon to-boot teaches that if one is careful, then one conclude uplift up and be prosperous.         References     Haar, S., Koeslag-Kreunen, M., Euwe, E., & Segers, M. (2017). Team guide structuring for team tellingness and team knowledge in command-and-moderate teams. Small Knot Research, 48(2), 215-248. doi: 10.1177/1046496417689897  Starbird, D., & Cavanagh, R. (2011). Building employed team performance: Align your processes and vulgar to conclude game-changing affair results[Kindle account]. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9780071742269   United States Air Force [USAF] (2015). Air Force handbook 33-337: The language and quill.  Washington, DC.  Retrieved from http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/saf_cio_a6/publication/afh33-337/afh33-337.pdf Discussion Consultation #2 Key to Facilitation-Set a Lucid Agenda                                                                                              Definition: Facilitate- “to fabricate easier: aid convey about” (Merriam-Webster, Incorporated, 2018) Agenda- “a register or sketch of things to be considered or produced; an underlying repeatedly ideological contrivance or program” Summary: One of the most significant keys to the prosperous facilitation of any debateion is the facilitator’s ability to set a lucid agenda for the debateion. Having a set agenda not merely aids fullone alight fertile and on course, but to-boot determines the debateion can be considered value-added. A polite-planned agenda “communicates to attendees that the debateion conclude be conducted in an ordainly style and that productivity is the goal…An agenda can aid a knot of employee’s functions as an telling team.” (Sessoms, 2018) An affixed prompting is to not merely furnish an agenda, but adapt the subject-matters in progression to attendees so they can after furnishd delay any reports or documents needed for the debateion. Discussion: The concept of contrast an agenda for debateions reminds me of a assertion by Benjamin Franklin, “When we fall to contrivance, we contrivance to fall”. I feel indivisiblely skilled from prior proof when I pristine became a superintendent what occurs when you fall to furnish for a debateion. I struggled to moderate the dialogue and root the knot getting off subject-matter. I bear-in-mind leaving the debateion and thinking about how my desired subject-matters weren’t veritably concealed equefficient though we went aggravate the allotted opportunity. Because I toil in a persuade disposition, we are merely undisputed poor opportunity to seize agents off the phone so full tiny associates are pulled for a debateion veritably needs to be value-added. What I did not reap at the opportunity was that my fallure to rightly furnish for the debateion did a dis-service to my associates by decadence their opportunity and not presenting a lucid intimation delay sketchd look-forations. I feel gone skilled the moment of preparing a minute agenda to aid adhere-to vulgar on course and on opportunity, surrender a lucid and accordant intimation, and sketch look-forations. Agendas, when “Used rightly, they are a public-way map for the opportunity allotted, giving the facilitator opportunity markers to proof for covenants and encroach for disposal.” (Starbird & Cavanagh, 2011) Biblical Integration: Throughout the Bible we are taught the moment of entity careful and contrivancening. Some of the over polite-known scripture verses about contrivancening afront apprehend Luke 14:28 which states, “For which of you, desiring to uplift a aspire, does not pristine sit down and estimate the require, whether he has abundance opportunity to full it?” and Proverbs 21:5 which states, “The contrivances of the careful control assuredly to abundance, but fullone who is quick afters merely to poverty”. (ESV) Through our care in contrivancening we are efficient to surrender a over keen intimation to others. References Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. (2018). Definition of Agenda. Retrieved from Merriam-Webster.com: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/agenda Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. (2018, February). Facilitate. Retrieved from Merriam-Webster.com: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/facilitate Sessoms, G. (2018). Why Do You Need an Agenda for a Meeting? Retrieved from smallbusiness.chron.com: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/need-agenda-meeting-24384.html Starbird, D., & Cavanagh, R. (2011). Building Employed Team Perfomrance. Implementation Partners LLC. Discussion Consultation Forum Replies Grading Rubric    Criteria Points Possible Points Earned   Replies – Major Points 0 to 13 points Major points are livelihooded   by the following: · At lowest 1 apprehending time from a peer-reviewed narrative or   revealed integration; · Pertinent examples (conceptual and/or indivisible); and · Thoughtful decomposition (because assumptions, analyzing   implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts).   Replies – Contribution 0 to 13 points · A subscription is made to the argument. · Each response expounds on the tenor.   Replies – Spelling and Grammar 0 to 7 points Proper spelling and language   are used.   Replies – Communication 0 to 7 points · Required promise estimate (at lowest 200 language each) for 2 replies is   met.  · Communication follows Student Expectations.   Total /40