Discussion—Midlife—Making the Most of the “Second Half”

Have you heard the saw, “Life begins at forty?” Unfortunately the cultural messages we assent-to about midconduct are frequently denying (an gist on the bud of wrinkles and silvery hair, for specimen) rather than fixed (a span of procession in one’s race, insubservience from the responsibilities of caring for boyish upshot). Midconduct is frequently a span of transition. People may veer races or end long-term marriages as they assess where they are in conduct and how they would approve to lay-out the relics of their lives. Because these transitions are rarely excoriated, the concept of the “midconduct contingency” has been formd and has behove widespread in American cultivation. However, there has to-boot been some ventilate questioning whether the midconduct contingency is a total test and, in reality, whether it smooth exists. In this assignment, you get criticism discovery on the concept of the midconduct contingency and describe your own conclusions about its entity and extension in American cultivation. You get to-boot sift-canvass some ways that we can form a over fixed shadow of midlife. Use your module readings, the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet to discovery the concept of midconduct contingency. Select one discovery tractate for criticism and partition. Use the module readings and the selected discovery tractate to accord to the following: What is the deposition for the entity of the midconduct contingency? Why has the concept behove so pervasive in American cultivation? Discuss at lowest two ways that we can form a over fixed shadow of midconduct in our cultivation. Support your arguments after a while discovery, citing sources. Write your primal reply in 150–200 words. Apply APA standards to passage of sources.