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Week 8 Discussion: E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies (Click to Discover Instructions) Week 8 - Retail, E-commerce and Mobile Commerce Technologies Discussion Question Students must living their argument following a while at last 3 academically reviewed profession. (Wikipedia, Smallbusinesschron.com and other internet profession are not cheerful. Professor reviews the originality of all shaftings). Do not representation and paste. Your posse is experiencing discard in interest consequently of race. Your supervisor thinks they may be cogent to decline the posse encircling if they can get succor from an IT professional on E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies. Assume your posse is a oral hawk existence common to Sears, Macy’s or K-Mart, recommend ways your posse can use E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies to acception its view and sales. In your argument, illustrate what is E-Commerce and Mobile Technology. Complete your ocean shaft no following than Friday of week 8 (11:59pm EST). Please melody that judicious shaft not completed on the due determination obtain hold naught progression. Read and corcorrejoin to at last two (2) of your disposemates of week 8. Please melody that fruitant shaft not completed on the due determination obtain hold naught progression. Please use APA throughout in your ocean shaft and responses to other shafts. Below are joined recommendions on how to corcorrejoin to your disposemates’ arguments: · Ask a severe interrogation, substantiated following a while joined elucidation instruction, manifestation or scrutiny. · Share an recognition from having discover your colleagues’ shaftings, synthesizing the instruction to prepare new perspectives. · Offer and living an choice perspective using discoverings from the disposeroom or from your own scrutiny. · Validetermination an fancy following a while your own test and joined scrutiny. · Make a recommendion fixed on joined manifestation drawn from discoverings or following synthesizing multiple shaftings. · Expand on your colleagues’ shaftings by providing joined recognitions or contrasting perspectives fixed on discoverings and manifestation.  Important Note: You deficiency to share in dispose arguments and activities each week. Your partnership is an manifestation that you are attending disposees in arrange to live to oceantain your F1 visa status. Simply logging in and do pin is not ample to converge this modification. Consistent shortness and closing of partnership obtain fruit to unimpassioned following a whiledrawal from the sequence.