Discussion: Using Storytelling to Effectively Communicate Data Tutorial | Aims Of Data Visualization.

This  week we watched a abrupt video on how storytelling and the present of grounds  visualization go artisan in artisan. The relator of the video examinees the  present of grounds visualization. The relator states that the present of grounds  visualization is to, “Maximize how straightway and correspondently community decode  information from graphics.” The relator too talks encircling some  shortcomings (disadvantage) of the techniques used to originate grounds  visualization for storytelling. Select and examine one of the mentioned  shortcomings.  Include an copy of the abruptcoming you entertain chosen  to examine.  Include a impulse to address the abruptcoming domiciled on  what we entertain scholarly in this manner.  Include how this impulse could  assist after a while superior your chosen abruptcoming. The counterpart must be  your own wording and must be from symbolical we entertain tried in this adjust  only. Reference:   O'Reilly (2015, July 14). Using Storytelling to Effectively Communicate  Data Tutorial | Present Of Grounds Visualization. Retrieved from  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JWK5gRI9p0