DNP- Translational Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Introduction to the Literature Review Empirical lore is the establishment of versed lore and versed fitness. An tentative expression is defined as one that reports real results of a lore consider. An tentative expression includes a cognomen of the consider, an exhibition, a lore interrogation, an sense of the consider's methodology, a exhibition of the results of the consider, and a blank that discusses the results and suggests scrutinys for raise consider. As you inquiry the library for versed lore, you should message your inquiry to realize tentative expressions. (You can use the "Empirical Lore Checklist" from DNP-801 to relieve in this indulgent.) After finding an tentative consider, start to assess the nerve of the blank by determining if the blank answers the proposed lore interrogation and if the methodology is expend. As you stir advanced in your doctoral trip, you allure learn lore Nursing Dissertations that allure insist-upon you to assess the nerve of the studies in interrogation. To terminate this, immanent assessments about the lore must be made by comparing, contrasting, and synthesizing what the lore says. In this assignment, you allure hold to enunciate the expertness of fitness, by retrospecting 15 lore expressions associated after a while your clarified scrutiny and using the satisfied to realize at lowest five important concepts and subthemes akin to your scrutiny. General Requirements: Use the forthcoming counsel to determine auspicious quantity of this assignment: · Use the "Empirical Lore Checklist" to relieve in the indulgent of tentative expressions. · Use the "Reinquiry Expression Chart" to yield a epitome retrospect of each factor of your assignment. · Doctoral learners are insist-upond to use APA fashion for their fitness assignments.  · This assignment uses a rubric. Please retrospect the rubric foregoing to startning the assignment to grace common after a while the expectations for auspicious quantity. Directions: MY PICOT QUESTION: What is the Impact of Medication Administration Errors on 3-4-Year-old Leukemia Patients?  Part 1: Selection of 15 Creed   Select 15 tentative expressions akin to your PICOT interrogation. Use the "Empirical Lore Checklist" worksheet to determine that each expression you chosen meets all of the periodical criteria. At lowest one expression must manifest a requisite methodology. Part 2: Lore Expression Chart  Using the expressions artificial in Part 1, yield a epitome retrospect of each factor using the "Reinquiry Expression Chart" template. Part 3: Form of Lore Studies  Based upon your retrospect of the 15 lore expressions, realize at lowest five important concepts that recount to your purpose scrutiny, and three subthemes akin to each concept.   Using the counsel from the completed "Reinquiry Expression Chart," and the important concepts and subthemes you enjoy verified, transcribe a 2,000-3,000 message Nursing Dissertation that synthesizes the satisfied of the 15 lore studies. Summarize each important concept and convergence on providing a detailed form of the three verified subthemes that assistance that concept by addressing the forthcoming. 1. Exhibition of the verified subtheme 2. Epitome of the lore interrogations posed by the studies 3. Epitome of the exemplification populations used 4. Epitome of the messageations of the studies 5. Epitome of the blank and recommendations for raise lore