do part 4&6 only for company Chevron Corporation (CVX) (4-5pages)

peruse pdf I column, do disunite 4&6 merely for society  Chevron Corporation (CVX). 4. Evaluation of the financial statements a. The society’s exploit aggravate the gone-by five years (2015 – 2019): i. Discuss exoteric trends and prospects for produce and acquisition augmentation or decline. b. Calculate the aftercited pertinencys for the gone-by three years i. Exoteric pertinency, Total asset turnover, Debt pertinency, Debt-to-equity pertinency, Profit margin, Return on proceeds, Return on equity, Payout pertinency, P/E pertinency, Dividend agree, Market-to-book pertinency c. Select three pertinencys from the aloft after a while which you can interpret some of the major changes that occurred during the gone-by three years. You should pomp actual calculations and frame the pertinencys in a thread graph format. You should then interpret the changes in these pertinencys using the advice you may gather from published sources. The three pertinencys must be chosen from contrariant categories. Compare your firm’s pertinencys after a while those of competitors (or assiduity) and embody the trend analysis for the gone-by three years. 6. Conclusion: Evaluate the hoard and description your instruction on the hoard (buy, hawk, or await) domiciled on your pregnant analyses of financial statements, society, assiduity, and hoard valuation models.