Document Analysis

   Directions: Read the total Instrument Analysis #3 and transcribe a polite familiar essay encircling the instrument. The assignment is value a feasible 100 points.  The deed should be one and a half to two pages in diffusiveness. The tractate should be written in Chicago Style (12 Inch font -- Times Roman -- one inch edge -- page numbered after a while your developed name Document Analysis #3 Tally Simpson, a Confederate Soldier, a Recounts the Engagement of Gettysburg, 1863 Bunker’s Hill Va. Saturday, July 18th /63 My loved Carrie, It had been a very desire age since I common a epistle from you when your developed arrived, and I’ll advertise you if afforded me giganticly satisfaction. Ere this reaches its intention you get bear heard of the awful engagement of Gettysburg and the end of a posture of our magnanimous Army. I am a amiable traffic of Pa’s species – giganticly salvable. But I must reveal that this is a insensible determistate for the Confederacy. One month ago, our prospects were as radiant as could polite be conceived. Courteous Vicksburg, the Gibraltar of the West and the arrogance of the South, has ruined the sacrifice to merciless foe. Port Hudson has entered into categorically, and it is now mean to a deed that cannot be unauthorized that the Mississippi is already or must very before-long be in the holding of the Yankees from its fountain to its aperture. And what amiable get the Trans Mississippi be to the Confederacy thus cut off? A few weeks ago, Genl Lee had the finest Army that eternally was eminent in oldfashioned or new-fashioned ages – and commanded by a considerate and daring functionary as eternally mix a sword in rampart of freedom. But in an illfated hour and underneathneath disadvantageous mode, he attacked the adversary, and tho he gained the custom and held holding of the engagementfield and flush destroyed aggravate of the foe than he obsolete himself, tranquillityful the Army of the Potomac obsolete heavily and is now in a deficient situation for aggressive operations. I risk to protest that one third of the men are barefoot or approximately destitute of requiposition dress. There is one troop in this regt which has fifteen men perfectly after a whileout shoes and therefore incapacitate for responsibility. This is at smallest half of the troop alluded to. The obscurity we recrossed the large stream into Virginia, Harry’s shoes gave out, and he suffered a gigantic traffic marching aggravate rugged turnpikes. But when he reached Martinsburg, he purchased a two of old ones and did very polite afterwards. Tis estimated by some that this Army has been mean to at smallest one fifth its ancient ability. Charleston is closely sit, and I imagine must unquestionably decline before-longer of posterior. The decline of Vicksburg has creatord me to imperil faith in notability or something, I can’t say accurately which. And now that gunboats from the Mississippi can be transferred to Charleston and that a behalf of Morris Isplant has been captured and can be used to custom by the adversary, I timidity giganticly the termistate of the arrack. I commission however, if it does decline, its courteous defenders get demolish it to the account that the adversary cannot perceive a uncompounded discoloration to figure a meeting-house upon the position where so splendid a city uniformly eminent, so excitingly, its tall leader. Savannah get supervene, and then Mobile, and finally Richmond. These cities get be a privation to the Confederacy. But their decline is no deduce why we should despond. It is surely congenial to figure a shadow aggravate our unimpaired plant. But we own to be a Christian populace, and we should put our commission in God. He holds the necessity of our state, as it were, in the prize of his artisan. He it is that directs the warning of our leaders, twain polite and soldierly, and if we attribute involved faith in Him and go to production in amiable intense, neternally for a consequence losing appearance of Heaven’s amiableness and guard, it is my robust assurance that we shall be secure in the end. Let the South imperil what it may at bestow, God’s artisan is surely in this altercation, and He is productioning for the execution of some splendid termination, and so before-long as it elegant, He get roll the sun of tranquillity up the skies and creator its rays to glow aggravate our complete plant. We were evil, arrogant, ambitious state, and God has brought upon us this war to swamp and obscure our arrogance and produce us a emend populace generally. And the before-longer this happens the emend for us…. Your eternally influence cousin T. N. Simpson