Drama paper Essay

   Students conquer adopt ONE of the aftercited Nursing essays: Betrayal OR Love OR Loyalty OR Revenge Students conquer transcribe a five-chapter essay after a while an leading of at lowest 10 sentences. The subject conquer be in the earliest chapter and conquer be ONE SENTENCE. Adopt ONE Nursing essay from overhead  and transcribe ONE supported chapter discussing it in ANTIGONE and ONE supported chapter on the SAME THEME IN DEATH OF A SALESMAN. The third supported chapter conquer be your trial or the trial of someone whom you distinguish ON THE SAME THEME.  DO NOT USE AN OUTSIDE SOURCE. THAT WILL BE PLAGIARSM. THIS PAPER WILL BE YOUR IDEAS—AND ONLY YOURS. You conquer transcribe a five-chapter essay after a while your subject subordinatelined of 3 to 3 ½ pages of 60 lines, embrace –spaced after a while no extra spaces between chapters. 1-inch margins and Times New Roman 12 subject-matter. At the deep of each page, you conquer transcribe the estimate of lines on each page. No Nursing Dissertation subordinate 60 lines conquer be accepted. Any lines quoted from the plays conquer add that estimate of lines to the elongation of the Nursing Dissertation.