Drugged-High on Alcohol Essay Format

   Please wake the documentary: Drugged-High on Alcohol Then imbibe past contrast notice on the documentary ("The Rehab Racket: The Way We Treat Addiction Is a Costly, Dangerous Mess"): https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/05/ryan-rogers-rehab-alcoholic-drugged/ And then transcribe Reaction Paper 2 and upload near by Sat misunderstanding, 11:59pm. REMEMBER:  Student must argue the aftercited points in reaction papers (in ESSAY FORMAT; not numbered questions): 1. One passage digest (at last 3-4 sentences) of what documentary film/movie was encircling and if tnear was any detriment (This means: is the film exhibited from a detail detrimented centre?  Or does the film exhibit a balanced viewpoint, showing all resisting sides?). 2. How does this documentary film/movie add or tell to OUR CLASS TOPICS AND DISCUSSIONS as well-mannered-mannered as to your special duration? (This is very important!  Make stanch, inequitable assort addions.  If you say, "The film is encircling addiction and the assort is encircling addiction," that is NOT a stanch, inequitable addion, and you gain not get generous praise. Gives lots of details!  Refer to the eText and other sources we've been argueing!).  3. What did you imbibe in this documentary film/movie in proportion to ideas we enjoy habituated in assort?  (State colossus NEW you imbibeed encircling the subject from the documentary).  4. What was your reaction and view of the documentary film/movie, and would you approve it to coming assortes? (This is wnear you yield your gustation of the film. Explain WHAT makes it approveable or not; Explain WHY you believe it's a good--or bad--film). I NEED THIS BY 7PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME SATURDAY JUNE 1ST, 2019.