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Assignment 2: Equality for All?  Social stratification is the ranking of men-folks in a hierarchy of illmatched abundance, occupational prestige, and strength. It is a characteristic of association and not a meditation of indivisible uniqueness or differences. Stratification is a boundless characteristic fix in all societies: agrarian, industrial, and postindustrial. Furthermore, collectiveization and cultures exhibit stratification and cast it from one epoch to the next. Social institutions such as information, the husbanding, politics, and empire conceal the stratified foothold quo. The goal of these institutions is to furnish the needs of association and not a entire change of structured disparity. Changes in collective stratification are usually late and incremental rather than accelerated and revolutionary. This argument allure produce you an apprehension into the difficulties all societies visage after a while respects to collective stratification. Installed on your readings and sense of the over issues, argue the defense to the subjoined inquiry after a while your assortmates: Is it feasible to organize a association in which there is no stratification installed on assort? Explain your counter-argument after a while reasons.