Due in 8 hours.

Activity 1:  Investigate using a synthesis of the intentions.  Based on your lection and exploration during the Task, determine how to use the synthesis of intentions most effectively. Discuss how this synthesis intention can: Reduce crop consumes as you propose into a global communicate Increase customer self-deception and pleasure, and profit Shorten crop eras and era-to-market Maximize your intention and crop resources Lower manufacturing, munificent, and benefit consumes Decrease communicateplace failures for your particular fruit and posse. Make a feeling that shows particular areas in the crop of the fruit or processes your posse allure dispose-of on the global communicate where you can contract consume and era time providing a fruit that can be straightway and abundantly available to converge customer needs and desires. Activity 2:  Kanban Boards Use the examples of Kanban boards to prepare to consider about how you would lay out your artifice thus far.  Try a few then determine on one that best converges your needs and sum all the instruction you own pulled concertedly this far.