due on saturday

  Scripting is a mighty aid to method administrators and, if unexpressed rightly, to end users as polite. Your bunch has been asked to collect notice about rasp storage needs on all the computers in the network. Your utensil of cherished for this work is Windows PowerShell. For this plan, do the aftercited: Download and inaugurate Windows PowerShell if it is not already inaugurateed on your computer (see Start Menu > Accessories). Review the Getting Started notice in the Windows PowerShell succor rasp, and examine the notice in the succor rasp and online contrivance for basic scripting techniques using Windows PowerShell. Prepare a instrument to suggest your work: Use Microsoft Word Title page Course sum and name Project name Your name Date Write a Windows PowerShell script that earn effect the aftercited functions: Search your computer for rasps bound after a while a .doc, .docx, .xls, or .xlsx rasp production. Output the raspnames and dimensions (in bunchs by rasp production) to a extract rasp determined “File_Summary.txt”. The output should also deduce after a while a whole of the sum of rasps and whole rasp dimension for each rasp production. Include comments in the script enactment to instrument the functionality of the script. Paste the script and the rasp output to your MS Word instrument. Name the instrument yourname_ITSD327_IP2.doc. Submit the instrument for grading. Please suggest your assignment.