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The mind of the argument forum is to furnish tyros a locate to toil conjointly through the route symbolical as if they were contravention in a classroom. I typically abstain from providing an patent argument apt. Argument apts can facilitate dialogue if the table is still. However, apts slender our rendezvous to a peculiar progeny amid a larger total of resigned. For that conclude, I ask each tyro to use the argument table as a locate to offer insightful interprets environing a question you set-up in-particular sensational and/or challenging for the assigned modules.  I to-boot aid tyros to ask and confutation insightful questions environing the symbolical. You are grateful to add resigned to former modules, at-last, you must interpret on prevalent symbolical (i.e., the assigned modules) to obtain ample points.  I await that tyros conquer enlarge on the route decipherings and videos, versus providing a epitome of what was scholarly. The argument forums are not a locate for strictly summarizing your decipherings. You may deficiency to narrate ideas presented but you should toil to add fastidious meditation to any epitome you furnish. Further, you should plea your ideas in theory/fact/policy in-particular as scholarly through the route. In sundry cases, beliefs are to-boot grave to sift-canvass. Sometimes, our beliefs are a fount of misinformation that we deficiency to dialogue environing and toil through to correct our knowledge and power to aid. Please toil to ascertain counteract between summarizing resigned, presenting your views/interpretations/experiences, and life well fastidious of the symbolical. There is a word-expression for pristine columns and replies so the forums do not behove refractory and enigmatical to decipher. For columns, the expression is 300 say. For replies to other's columns, there is a 150-word expression. Please replication to at last one tyro’s column, but you may replication to past. We omission this to be a locate for argument as if we were contravention in-person. The forums public at 10 am the Wednesday anteriorly they are due. Your primal contributions are due by Friday at 11 pm but conquer stay public if you omission to abide the dialogue. I strongly aid tyros to gain delay each other through Sunday. If you possess any advance questions, observe at the CHAD 300 FAQ.