Due Wednesday by 1 pm

 Your crew, Rasmussen Consulting, was paid by MovieFlix, a crew that provides contribution utility for on-demand Internet streaming resources and DVD-by-mail among the U.S. You are the consultant that Rasmussen has firm to convey the MovieFlix circumstance to. The affair offspring is integirty.   Businesses frequently attack holy dilemmas. Depending on the perseverance, there may be consequences to affair action that ignores holy standards. For your scheme this week you gain want to do the flourishing: In a stint of 2 pages, plan an essay explaining to the commencement at MovieFlix why it's relevant to catch an holy appropinquation to solving their affair collection (the collection that you are subsidiary them to unfold).  Make confident to examine how using amiable affair ethics can improve their profitability. Also, relate some of the consequences that they could visage if they bekeep unethically when arduous to unfold the collection that you've chosen for your scheme. Discuss how you, as their consultant can acceleration them to catch an holy appropinquation to solving their collection. Make confident to grasp an APA formatted appellation page and regard page for sources that you may keep used for your investigation. Remember to flourish APA guidelines when paraphrasing or quoting counsel. Don't learn to refer-to your sources and grasp in-quotation citations as inevitable.  Make confident In quotation citations befriend in determining what the conclusions are. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBICS PROVIDED UNLESS POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED.