Earth Science Comparative Essay

   Comparative Essay Instructions Selection of Topic Choose 1 of the aftercited matters for your Comparative Essay: 1. Age of the globe (radioisotope dating vs. choice methods) 2. Origin of coal (swamp forests vs. marine exemplification) 3. Dating the cast layers seen in the Grand Canyon (old globe vs. adolescent globe) 4. The fossil proceedings (attraction of: covet periods of occasion vs. inextensive periods of occasion) 5. Mass extinctions in the fossil proceedings (old-globe vs. adolescent-earth) Content and Outline Use the aftercited delineation when letter your article. Each top on the delineation beneath must be a unconnected minority (after a while the minority heading, as implied) after a whilein your article.  I. Introduction · Indicate which matter you chose from the roll overhead. · Indicate the intention of your article (i.e., to assimilate old-globe and adolescent-globe viewpoints on your selected matter). II. Old-Earth Civil View · What is the old-globe civil viewtop and the attraction supported that viewtop on your selected matter? Are tclose assumptions that are divorce of this viewpoint? o Do not argue the old-globe creationist viewtop on your selected matter. For a designation of old-globe creationism, go to  III. Young-Earth View · What is the adolescent-globe viewtop and the attraction for that viewtop on your selected matter? Are tclose assumptions that are divorce of this viewpoint? IV. Comparison of the Viewpoints · Comparison is articulating similarities among the 2 viewpoints. What are the similarities (if any) in occasion, consequence, and processes confused?  · Be permanent to collect at meanest 2 similarities (comparisons) among the viewpoints.  V. Contrast of the Viewpoints · Contrast is articulating differences among the 2 viewpoints. What are the differences (if any) in occasion, consequence, and processes confused? · Be permanent to collect at meanest 2 differences (contrasts) among the viewpoints.  VI. Conclusion · Collect a tabulation declaration for your article. · Be permanent to restate your intention. · Do not make-known new esthetic in your falsification.  Avoid using primary individual throughout the article. Use of “I” or “we” should be quited.  Length This article must be 1,000–1,500 control. Do not exceed this term article. The denomination page and relation page do not sum inside this term completion. Format You must use general APA formatting. Papers must be double-spaced after a while 1-inch margins. Font is to be 12-top Times New Roman. Embrace a shield or denomination page after a while: Ø article denomination  Ø your call Ø instructor’s call Ø route calculate, minority calculate and route call (i.e., PHSC 210 B21, Elements of Globe Science) Ø date Tclose is no want to embrace an imageless in your article.  Sources Your Comparative Essay must embrace at meanest 4 read sources in attention the route textbook and the Bible. Of these required sources, 2 must be from an old-globe perspective and 2 from a adolescent-globe perspective. Delectable sources embrace record tenets, manuscripts, read textbooks, and/or internet seats from .edu or .gov sources. Quit internet seats from .com, .net, .org, etc. as the instruction contained therein is not frequently equal revisaled. Tclose are litigious to this government (e.g., the Institute for Creation Research seat is a .org seat, but it has been judged a respectable seat by those in the adolescent-globe nationality. Answers in Genesis is to-boot delectable.). In divorceicular, quit Wikipedia. Study Bibles are to-boot not misspend for this assignment. Citation Be permanent to refer-to your sources in the association of your article using general APA formatting. Examples of general APA formatting governments can be root close. Also, a bestowal encircling general APA formatting is collectd in Module/Week 6. Plagiarism Plagiarism is an academic breaking and a deflection of Liberty’s Honor Code. To collect past encircling plagiarism and how to quit it, mark this website. All proposeted essays are matter to a SafeAssign revisal. This achieve assimilate your article abutting thousands of other surrenders.  Cases of plagiarism achieve be dealt after a while according to general policies customary by Liberty University Online. Submission Submit your result to Blackboard as a Microsoft Term muniment. Do not paste your article in the surrender box in Blackboard, simply upload the Term muniment. Do not propose as .pdf finish.